Healthy Fat And A Healthy Body

SlimIf you’re a woman who exercises regularly, you’re likely to get confused because there are too many opinions about the best way to get nutrition. Especially when it comes to Healthy Fat And A Healthy Body. For many years, a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet has been a good choice for improving performance in diet, health and exercise.

But in recent years, it has become clear that women need more fat in their diet. It is especially important when building a healthy body.

Why women are afraid of fat

Let’s be frank. Women are under great pressure to have a slim look, especially in a fitness environment. Female athletes think “it’s better to have no fat” and eat a diet that is too low in calories, resulting in lack of energy and poor physical condition.

When you add fat to your diet

Some people may hear an alarm in their head just by thinking about it. For a long time, the knowledge of the wrong diet has made women scared of fat. The problem is two things we’re doing when our diet doesn’t contain enough fat. It means substituting sugar or processed foods for fat, or not getting enough calories.

I understand that, but why do I need to get more fat?

Female bodies are more likely to store fat than males. Even if you’re the most muscular woman in the gym, she has more body fat than the man next to her. This sounds a bit unfair, but it can also be a weapon for women, depending on how you think about it. In other words, the female body can use this excess fat efficiently and use it as fuel for exercising.

In detail, this is what it is. In many cases, females have a lower rate of respiratory exchange than males. In addition, females have high levels of estrogen and progesterone secretion. This means that a woman’s body is by far better at burning her fat than using carbohydrates. So, if you don’t get enough fat, your body doesn’t have enough energy to store it, which makes it impossible to exercise efficiently.

Moderate fat intake is also important in terms of supplying the body with the fat-soluble vitamins needed for bone formation, energy storage and hormone secretion.

How much fat should I consume?

20-35% of calories should be derived from fat. This means that if you are consuming 2000 calories a day, you need to consume at least 44 grams of fat.

What kind of fat should I eat?

Not all fats are the same. It’s essential to get the high-quality fats naturally found in low-protein foods such as nuts and seeds, nut butter, salmon, fish oil supplements, avocados, and eggs. Avoid trans fats and processed products.

Women don’t have to be afraid of fat. Incorporate healthy ingredients such as those listed above into your diet and exercise more efficiently. This is the method that suits women.

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