Do You Have to Lose Weight to Get in Shape?

Lose weight quicklyLosing weight won’t get you in good shape, but these moves can! It is estimated that many people will say yes without hesitation. Because one white hides all ugliness, one fat destroys everything, and the lack of temperament is destroyed by obesity.

That’s why so many people want to lose weight, they want very thin limbs and waist, because this is a more traditional public aesthetic.

But in recent years, public aesthetics have begun to shift towards a plump and healthy body, not a slender hemp body. And this kind of healthy body is not something you can get directly by losing weight, because many people lose weight after losing weight, but their posture is still not perfect. At this time, we need to do some strength training to help us shape our body. beauty.

So don’t just lose weight blindly, pursue a slim body, a healthy and powerful body is the direction that more people are pursuing. As long as you do some strength training regularly, if you stick to it for a long time, it will not only change your posture, but also increase the muscle content of your body. Get fat easily.

So if you only do it at home, these few actions can also help us increase the muscle content of the body. You don’t need to do too much, just do the following 4 actions.

This is an action that almost everyone does.

 Push-ups can develop our upper body and core strength very well. A standard push-up can effectively exercise our chest muscles, arm muscles, and shoulder muscles, so it is also a trump card for home fitness. Even we started doing it in junior high school. Even now, it is still not out of date, and it will still appear in various military training and training in military camps. Because the regular distance does not make the chest better, I recommend slightly wider than the shoulder spacing, so that the chest stimulation will be more obvious.

First maintain a prone position, tighten your core, hold your body up with your feet together and your hands on the ground, then bend your elbows down until your chest is about to be completely close to the ground, hold for 1 second to contract, and then push your chest muscles up again. During this process, you must remember not to arch your back, not to sag your back, and keep a straight line from head to toe. Through the observation of your own body, you can use the variation of the push-up to do incline push-ups and incline push-ups to strengthen your upper and lower pectoral muscles respectively.

Although the free squat is not as powerful as the barbell squat in the gym, the free squat can also be used to coordinate the muscles in many parts of the body. I especially recommend alternating between free squats and lunges, which stimulates the leg muscles better and can make the quadriceps feel better.

Key points of squatting action:

Keep your legs apart, shoulder width apart, keep your chest, abdomen and back straight, keep your core tight, put your hands behind your head, squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then return to the initial state, pay attention to squatting Sit with your hips back, not like you’re sitting down. Keep your entire back straight throughout, without arching your back or sagging your waist.

1 set of squats followed by 1 set of lunges, then rest and repeat.

Doing the flute bridge can better stimulate the muscles of the buttocks, because when we are actually doing squats, the stimulation of the buttocks is not particularly strong, and we need to invoke other movements as supplements. In addition to stimulating the glutenous Maxims, the flute bridge also has a good training effect on the stability of the hamstrings and crotch.

First, keep your body supine on the mat, bend your legs slightly, use your heels to step on the ground, and then vigorously lift your hips until your thighs are in a straight line with your body, holding the contraction for 1-2 seconds at the peak. Then slowly lower to the initial position, do not let the hips touch the ground at the lowest point, keep the hip muscles tight throughout the whole process, and the stimulation effect will be better.

Each set can be done 12-15 times, do 4 sets.

If you want to train your abdominal muscles, the crunch is essential because it stimulates the rectums abdominal more directly and also has a shaping effect. If you feel bored, you can also do reverse crunches, rolling up your legs off the ground to better stimulate your lower abdominal muscles. Action points: Keep lying on your back on the mat, with your legs bent and knees together, and your hands crossed on your chest, or lightly placed next to your earlobe, so as to avoid using the neck to injure the cervical spine.

Then, the upper body is rolled up with the force of the abdomen. Note that this is not a sit-up, so you don’t need to touch your head to the knees, so that our upper back can be lifted off the ground, and the tension in the abdomen can be felt the whole time.

Do 12-15 reps per set for 3-5 sets.

At the end of this issue, I am Pop Dong. If you have any methods you want to know about, you can leave me a message at the end of the article or privately message me directly.

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