How to Eat to Lose Weight?

Weight LossHow to eat to lose weight and lose fat? Dietitians recommend that you can adopt a sugar-reduced diet and supplement dietary fiber, which is the best way to lose weight and lose fat!

From the end of the year to the year before the New Year, it is a season for raising meat. The next Chinese New Year is the season of big fish and meat.

What is a reduced sugar diet?

Many people have a wrong perception of the sugar-reduced diet. Either they often eat the sugar-reduced diet as a ketogenic diet, or they eat very unbalanced, which greatly reduces the effect! This column will introduce to you how to eat and reduce sugar, and how to mix and match to get twice the result with half the effort!

Carbohydrates are carbohydrates, and a sugar-reduced diet is a carbohydrate-reduced diet! Our daily dietary intake of carbohydrates accounts for about 60% of the calories, as long as the diet that reduces carbohydrates is a sugar-reduced diet!

Many studies in the past have pointed out that a sugar-reduced diet can help stimulate fat metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity. Therefore, a sugar-reduced diet is the most popular weight loss diet in recent years!

How to grasp the proportion of sugar-reduced diet?

The calorie proportion of carbohydrates in the sugar-reduced diet is about 20-30%, which is 30-40% less than usual. It is probably that boys and girls eat 2-3 bowls of rice less each day, eat 1-2 palms of meat more, and don’t drink. Any sugar-sweetened beverage will do, much gentler and easier to execute than a ketogenic diet!

Sugar-reduced diets often cause insufficient dietary fiber, leading to intestinal flora imbalance or constipation, which affects metabolism

A sugar-reduced diet needs to reduce the proportion of carbohydrates, which leads to avoiding the intake of whole grains, roots and fruits and has the problem of insufficient dietary fiber intake!

The current dietary fiber intake is about 13-14 grams, which is far lower than the 25-35 grams recommended by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. If the dietary fiber brought by fruits and entire grains is deducted, there may be less than 10 grams left. Seriously affect the intestinal flora ecology.

Insufficient dietary fiber is also prone to defecation issues. According to the survey, the constipation rate even reached 50% for extreme sugar-reducers. This phenomenon is called low-carb constipation or ketogenic constipation! These issues interact with metabolism, thus further impacting fat loss results!

Therefore, sugar-reducers should consume enough dietary fiber to improve intestinal flora and constipation issues!

Dietary fiber prevents sugar and oil absorption

In 2009, scholars conducted research on indigestible malt detain and found that ingesting indigestible malt detain would increase the fat content in feces, which means that supplementing such dietary fiber can reduce fat absorption!

In addition, some studies have pointed out that dietary fiber can slow down the starch decomposition of food and reduce the GI value, so adding dietary fiber powder to meals can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats and help reduce fat!

Dietary fiber is the food source of intestinal probiotics. Probiotics will produce short-chain fatty acids in the intestinal tract to stimulate the secretion of intestinal hormones. Studies have found that ingesting dietary fiber supplements can increase the content of intestinal hormones in the body, and further stimulate cells in the body. Sensitivity of blood sugar, reducing the effect of fat synthesis.

Dietary fiber helps suppress appetite

Intestinal hormones can not only promote metabolism, but also reduce appetite, and increase satiety because dietary fiber can absorb water. A 2015 study found that indigestible malt detain can regulate hormones related to satiety in the blood, such as: glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), peptide YY, etc., and the subjects also expressed dietary fiber supplementation It can increase satiety and reduce appetite.

Therefore, those who want to reduce fat by a sugar-reduced diet must consume enough dietary fiber to help us quickly achieve the goal of fat loss through the above three mechanisms! In addition, dietary fiber supplementation can also improve defecation by adjusting the intestinal flora, stimulating intestinal peristalsis and absorbing water!

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