Why is My Belly So Big?

Healthy Life and FitnessIn our era of rich material life, many of us basically do not need to do physical activity. Although this is a relatively happy thing, it also has a bad side.

Just such a problem, due to the abundance of material life and the reduction of physical activity, many of us are beginning to become fatter and fatter on the body.

Next, the editor I want to talk about a issue, that is, many of our stomachs or belly are getting bigger and bigger. For this issue, it is generally caused by the following two reasons.

  1. Excessive abdominal subcutaneous fat

Mostly speaking, this is one of the main reasons why our belly will be big. What we need to know is that our belly is a part of our body that is easier to accumulate fat.

That is to say, what we eat in our diet, excess fat and excess fat, will become fat in our body, and a lot of body fat will accumulate in our belly.

That is to say, the fat in our abdomen is eaten by ourselves in our diet. If we want to lose this part of the fat better, what we need to do is to control our diet.

Abdominal Fat

What you need to know is that if we do some abdominal muscle strength training, it will not allow us to locally reduce abdominal fat. If we want to lose abdominal fat better, the best way is to combine reasonable aerobic exercise with appropriate anaerobic strength training.

Controlling diet is the decisive factor for us to lose belly fat. Reasonable aerobic exercise and proper anaerobic strength training only play an auxiliary role.

Excessive subcutaneous fat in the abdomen is only one of the reasons why our belly is relatively large. I will introduce the second reason to you next.

  1. Excessive visceral fat

If our stomach is relatively large, including this reason, then it is more serious, because we must know that if we have more visceral fat, our body is likely to have problems and problems.

For example, fatty liver and high blood lipids, etc., these diseases are likely to be caused by excessive visceral fat, so if we have this issue, we should solve it in time.

Generally speaking, a better way to solve the problem of excessive internal fat is to do a lot of aerobic exercise. The so-called aerobic exercise does not allow you to run for a few hours a day.

A lot of aerobic exercise means that we insist on doing aerobic exercise every day, and it is enough to do aerobic exercise for about an hour every day.

In short, what we need to know is that the way to lose your belly is to do more aerobic exercise, and then control your diet reasonably, whether it is because of excess visceral fat or belly fat.

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