Which Diet Control Method Is the Fastest for Reducing Sugar, Ketogenic, Or Intermittent Fasting?

In the diet of the generations, carbohydrates are generally consumed excessively, especially those who eat out, usually high-carb water. Excessive carbohydrates can easily cause blood sugar fluctuations and form fat accumulation in the body. The sugar-reduced diet is an extension of a balanced diet, reducing the carbohydrate ratio and increasing the ratio of protein to fat. The restriction is not as strict as the ketogenic diet, and it is easier to implement. It has become a popular slimming diet in recent years.

Want to lose weight, should I reduce sugar or fast?

The reduced-sugar diet is a relatively simple and easy-to-reach diet. As long as you slightly adjust the nutrient ratio, you can achieve the effect of maintaining weight. It is also suitable for long-term implementation by most people. Many people mistakenly believe that a reduced-sugar diet is equivalent to not being able to eat starch at all, or being afraid of eating carbohydrates. In fact, carbohydrates are not sinful. They are still very important nutrients to the body, but modern people generally consume too much.

The reduced-sugar diet is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates appropriately, and the calorie gap caused by it is filled with other nutrients. Therefore, it is not to eat less, but to adjust the intake of various nutrients. It is less likely to cause blood sugar fluctuations due to high carbohydrate intake. Too big, making hunger obvious, is very helpful for controlling blood sugar and weight.

Whether you want to choose a reduced sugar diet or intermittent fasting, as long as you follow the correct direction, you can achieve weight loss. You can even combine the two diets according to your own situation and needs. During the 168 fast eating period, you can add sugar reduction to reduce the original carbohydrate intake. However, no matter which method is used, prototype foods must be the mainstay, and a balanced intake of various foods is the key to healthy weight loss.

How to implement the sugar-reduced diet to lose weight?

When implementing a reduced sugar diet, it is not only good to reduce carbohydrates, but also nutritional balance must be considered to achieve the total calories needed by the human body. The following major principles must be mastered. Whether it is a reduced sugar diet or a 168 fasting, it is very good. Be applicable.

Avoid refined sugar

Refined sugar is the food most likely to affect our insulin constant, so if you want to lose weight effectively, you should avoid ingesting refined sugars, such as sugary drinks, desserts, and processed products, as much as possible.

Starch reduction

The usual staple foods, such as white rice, noodles, and bread, should be reduced by 20-40%. The original one-bowl is changed to 70% full. Special attention should be paid to the fact that although the principle is to reduce the amount, do not skip it at all, because carbohydrates are also the easiest source of energy for the human body. In addition, try to choose whole grain roots as a staple food, because it contains more minerals, vitamin B complex, etc., which can help nutrient metabolism, and is also rich in dietary fiber, which can increase satiety.

Eat good protein

It is very important to supplement high-quality protein. Beans, eggs, fish, meat, etc., chicken thighs, pork, beef, etc. are all good proteins, which can be taken in moderation, not limited to low-fat meat. In this way, you can eat happily even with reduced sugar, and you won’t feel pain because of too many restrictions.

Eat enough vegetables

Vegetables are low-calorie foods rich in dietary fiber and other nutrients, which can increase satiety. You can choose ingredients with low sugar content, such as soybean sprouts, Qingming vegetables, green squash, broccoli, etc. It should be noted that some root vegetables have high starch content, such as pumpkin, potato, taro, etc., which need to be regarded as staple food and the amount of food should be controlled.

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