The Right Way to Lose Weight

Fat BurningMany people don’t look very fat, or they have a big belly, which makes people feel fat. In fact, a fat belly is a dangerous signal to our health. You must pay attention at this time.

The correct way to open a thin belly, today, I will analyze and explain it to you, I suggest you like it and collect it, there will be three situations when the belly is large and obese.

The first is that the visceral fat exceeds the standard. If your limbs are quite thin, but there is a lot of fat on your stomach, it is probably because the visceral fat is too high. How to judge? Poke at the position above the navel, if it is hard, and it is a lump, it means that the visceral fat is too high. It will not only make it difficult for your belly to lose weight, but also, you have diabetes, and the probability of fatty liver is also high. Much taller than the average person.

The second is that the subcutaneous fat exceeds the standard, that is, your arms, legs, and back where it is easy to hide meat. If you squeeze it like this, it will be a layer, which is subcutaneous fat.

The third abdominal muscles are slack, and if your stomach becomes larger after eating, it means that the deep muscles of your abdomen are weak or even a little small.

The girl drank some water, and her belly swelled immediately. She knew the three reasons for her big belly. How to reduce it?

Then reduce fat according to the type of fat. If you have subcutaneous fat, you can normally eat more high-quality protein from sebum, such as shrimp, beef, hairy belly, bullfrog, and more.

What about visceral fat? It is caused by hormone disorders, especially insulin resistance, and insulin resistance can improve insulin sensitivity through diet and exercise, so the fastest way is to change your diet.

As usual, we like to eat rice, noodles, steamed buns, steamed buns, replace it with whole grains such as corn, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, eat more vegetables and fungi, especially leafy vegetables, such as rape, spinach, spinach, cabbage, None of these counts calories.

Avoid those sugar-oil mixtures like cakes, cookies, and fried skewers. Don’t eat any of these, and drink plenty of water.

Most of the obesity can be reduced by eating, the premise is that you have some knowledge of nutrition and develop long-term scientific eating habits. Then, if you can’t, follow me, teach you not to diet, eat well, and let you lose weight easily.

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