How Good Is the Effect of Fasting?

Eat Healthy - Right Now!88-year-old grandmother shoveled 10 kilograms of meat for five months, and blood sugar and blood lipids dropped. Diabetic patients may be in immediate danger if their blood sugar drops too low suddenly, when helping grandma to control their diet, take a slow way to avoid drastically reducing the amount of food at once, and measure blood sugar levels sooner or later.

 Observe whether the blood sugar is stable. During this period, Grandma also continued to go back to the hospital for examination, and we also maintained close discussions with the doctor. For patients with diabetes, chronic diseases, etc., it is not recommended to fast on their own, and be sure to seek professional advice and assistance.

Grandma’s weight-loss diet

Before helping Grandma lose weight, there are already successful, so the execution is more clear and confident. The main principle is still to eat a balanced diet and control the amount, and adjust Grandma’s eating habits from the two main directions of total calories and nutrients.

Grandma’s meal time is the same as ours. I have the first meal at ten in the morning, the last meal before six, and there will be a small meal at two. During the eight hours of eating, the grandma eats a nutritious and balanced meal. The key point is to fully intake the six major food categories and control the amount.

Do not exceed the total amount of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables need to be sufficient, and fruits and nuts need to be appropriate. It seems simple to say, but it still takes a little time to adapt to the implementation. After all, Grandma used to eat a whole papaya in silence. Now it is stipulated that she can only eat two slices. If it was a booze before, then now It can only be a drink.

Weight Loss Plan

Grandma’s weight-loss plan is similar to that of Ann’s mother. They are based on the principle of 168 fasting + balanced diet + reduced sugar diet. However, grandma is old and has blood sugar problems. She needs to gradually adjust her diet. You can’t adjust too fast or too intensely, and she has to be more patient and not impatient. At the beginning, Grandma’s weight dropped very slowly. We felt a little frustration at one time.

Fortunately, Grandma’s cooperation was very high. We also continued patiently. Although only two kilograms were lost in the first month, it reached the fifth. In the past month, I have lost ten kilograms. The correct way of eating can be integrated into the daily continuity. If you take a longer time, the effect is still great!

After changing the diet, no more injections or medication

After Grandma came to Taipei for medical examinations, she was hospitalized for about three weeks. She controlled her hyperglycemia by injecting insulin and taking blood sugar pills. However, her body became weak after she was discharged from the hospital and she also suffered from edema.

After helping her with a slimming diet for three months, when she returned to the hospital for an examination, her weight had dropped from 75 kg to less than 70 kg, and her glycosylated hemoglobin had also dropped to 6.4%, so the doctor judged that she could not take insulin anymore. , You don’t need to take blood sugar medicine anymore.

In the next visit after stopping the blood sugar medicine, the doctor found that the blood lipids of Grandma had also decreased, so the blood lipid medicine can also be reduced, from once a day to once every two days. These are all positive feedbacks after changing the diet. This kind of change is not only very happy for us, but also for the grandmother who doesn’t have to take so many medicines. She believes in the power of changing diet and keeps on implementing it.

The Effect of Fasting

Just as I was writing the book, Grandma’s weight had dropped to about 63 kilograms. For grandma, losing weight is not to change your beauty (of course she is also very happy to look good in clothes), but to improve her health. In the past, she always had cramps at night, but now she has less cramps and quality of sleep. When she became better, she became more energetic, and all of these effects began from the moment she changed her diet.

Grandma verified that when the diet is incorrect, only taking medicine is not effective; when the diet is correct, it is not necessary to take medicine, so what we need is good food, not good medicine. As long as you control the what to eat and the amount of food you eat every day, the 88-year-old will not go hungry or go on a diet, and she will be able to lose weight healthily. I hope her story can also encourage you or your family.

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