Summer Fitness Tips

SlimAfter summer comes, many people don’t like to exercise, because the temperature rises, they will experience fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness during exercise. In fact, proper exercise in summer is conducive to physical and mental stretch and health.

When the temperature rises, people’s heartbeat will be faster for the same exercise intensity. When people are used to staying in air-conditioned rooms and getting used to walking by car, the sweat glands, skin, and heart’s ability to tolerate heat will decrease. Such people need to strengthen their exercise to enhance their tolerance to heat.

The timing of exercise is also very particular. Many people choose morning exercises. In fact, the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air in the morning makes it difficult to breathe enough oxygen. In addition, after night sleep, the blood viscosity of the human body in the morning is relatively large, and the flow is not smooth.

The heat in the body will evaporate more water in the body. Early morning exercise may easily lead to cardiovascular disease. There are a lot of harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides and lead in the air near the ground. If you wake up early and take a deep breath during exercise, you will inhale more harmful substances. In the long term, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and inflammation of the trachea and throat will occur.

Things to pay attention to during summer exercise

  1. Avoid high temperature work

In summer, keep a low amount of exercise for a short period of time to allow your body to slowly adapt to the hot weather. In particular, try to avoid outdoor sports between noon and two in the afternoon when the sun is strong, because ultraviolet rays are particularly strong during this time, which can burn the skin and even stimulate the retina and meanings.

  1. Choose sweat-absorbent clothing

Exercise in summer, the temperature and humidity are very high, you must wear sweat-absorbing cotton shirts, do not wear tight-fitting sportswear, if the humidity cannot get out, it will cause a lot of pressure on the heart. And you can’t use your body to dry your clothes. It’s best to prepare a set of dry clothes, especially tops, and put on wet clothes immediately after exercise; otherwise it will easily cause rheumatism or arthritis.

  1. Replenish water in advance

In summer, the temperature is very high, and a lot of exercise will cause the body to lose water faster. Therefore, it is recommended to drink 800 ml of water half an hour before exercise. If you spend more than 30 minutes outdoors, you must bring a bottle of water. It is best to add salt.

  1. Reasonable food intake

Eat some staple food or fruits an hour before exercise. This is to prevent low calorie intake, resulting in poor physical strength.

  1. Do not drink too much water

If you drink a lot of water after exercise, it will increase the burden on the blood circulatory system, the digestive system, especially the heart, and make you more tired. Drinking a lot of water will only result in more sweating, and further loss of salt, causing cramps and cramps. It is recommended to use a small amount of drinking and drink only a few sips each time. In addition, do not eat too much cold drink after exercise; otherwise the body will lose balance due to sudden internal cold and external heat, causing stomach discomfort.

  1. Don’t cool down too quickly

Do not take a cold shower or blow on the fan to turn on the air conditioner immediately after exercise. Because the metabolism of various tissues and organs in the body increases after exercise, the capillaries in the skin are greatly expanded. At this time, if you take a cold shower or blow on an electric fan, the capillaries will immediately shrink when cold, and the sweat glands will close, which will make people feel more hot and intolerable. It can disrupt the normal function of internal organs and is prone to catch colds.

  1. Don’t forget the heatstroke prevention measures

If you are doing outdoor sports, it is best to wear sports sunglasses, sun hat, and sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet rays, and bring refreshing oil, hoaxing water (pills) to prevent heatstroke. If possible, it is best to bring a heart rate monitor.

  1. Reduce exercise in time

Affected by the scorching sun in summer, many sports are not suitable for doing. Climbing stairs can be used instead of mountaineering, walking in the morning and evening instead of running, etc. The best exercise in summer is swimming, which also cools down while exercising. If you must do long-distance exercise, you must pay attention to help the body temperature dissipate. When walking in the sun, you can soak the sun hat with water; when walking in a place out of the sun, remove the hat; when you are resting, try to put your backpack down and untie the collar buttons of your jacket; resting place the best place is out of the sun and ventilated. And be sure to rest frequently.

In summer, some exercises with low intensity and not too long are very beneficial to the body. At the same time, exercise time should also be arranged to avoid direct exposure to the sun and the appearance of heatstroke.

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