Six Poses Play the Melody of Fast-Weight Belly

Healthy Life and FitnessModern people generally lack exercise, can lie down and never sit, can sit and never stand, especially office white-collar workers who often sit in front of the computer and work all day, sitting for a long time, especially easy to cause fat on the abdomen and lower body The hoarding of humans has turned into ugly swimming rings and elephant legs, and how to lose weight has become everyone’s unanimous voice. Here is how to lose weight.

Keep lying on your back with your feet open and shoulder-width apart. First raise your right foot 10 cm upwards, hook your toes inward and pause for one second, then gently put it down, paying attention that your heels cannot lean on the bed. When finished, change the left foot and repeat the same action. Repeat a set of actions 5 times.

The method of thin stomach practice

Raise the right foot to the upper left as much as possible, pause in the air for one second and then put it down, and then change the left foot when finished. Pay attention to the knees not to exert force, in order to achieve the expected stovepipe effect, and don’t be too reluctant to avoid straining the leg muscles. Repeat this set of actions 5-7 times.

Keep lying on your back, hold your knees tightly with your hands, stretch your thighs toward your abdomen, lift your upper body, and lie down gently. Repeat this action 5-10 times.

Practicing posture four ways to lose weight

Keep lying on your back, with your legs open and shoulder-width apart. Bend your arms at a right angle of 90 degrees and stick to the ground, palms facing upwards. Bend your left knee and straighten your upper body so that your right elbow can touch the left knee. Change the right leg and repeat the same movement as a set.

Keep lying on your back, with your legs open and shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbell with both hands and lift it directly above your chest. Keep your knees straight and not bend. Then adjust your breathing, and slowly twist your upper body to the left and right. Left and right 10 times each as a group, repeat 2-3 groups.

Lie on your side and use the strength of your calf to clamp the cushion. Keep your hands on the ground to keep your balance. Lift your head and look straight ahead. Adjust your breathing, clamp your legs on the cushions and lift them up. The movements must be slow to achieve the desired slimming effect. 10 repetitions constitute a group, repeat 10 groups.

Slim belly should do these points every day

Although there is relatively little space in the office, you can use the small space to do simple abdominal movements, such as abdominal rolls, planks, hula-hoops, etc. are more suitable. In addition, if you have a yoga mat, you can take about a minute to do some yoga exercises. Lie on the yoga blanket in a supine position, with your left knee bent, your right leg straight, and your hands resting behind your head. Then, push your elbows forward, keep your upper body off the ground as much as possible, and do 10 times with your abdomen. This can help you tighten your abdomen!

Good sitting and standing posture

In fact, the teachers taught from an early age to sit like a clock and stand like a pine. This is not unreasonable. Good sitting and standing posture can create a good body shape.

A good sitting posture is to stand tall, close your abdomen, and retract your chin slightly. Keep your back straight and keep your head on a vertical line. Don’t tilt your head, which will make your cervical spine more tired. Put your arms on the table naturally, and keep your legs close together. Don’t cross your legs, which will cause damage to your spine.

A good standing posture is to balance along the vertical line, not to stand crookedly, to be like a telephone pole. Hold your chest and abdomen and chin in the same way, and notice that your shoulders are relaxed. Slightly droop your hands. Don’t hug your chest or back your back. This will easily cause your neck to sink, which will not only affect the overall image, but also bad for your spine.

Good walking posture

On the basis of correct stance, walk well. Maybe many people say that they can’t walk. But watching some people walk is full of energy, and some people are like old men. In order to lose weight, you must usually hold your chest and abdomen you can try to learn abdominal breathing to cooperate, so that the lower abdomen is always in a tight state. The arm swings naturally, so that not only can the fat be reduced, but it is also very energetic to walk.

Diet to reduce belly

Going on a diet and reducing your daily food intake can’t actually help you reduce your belly. Possibly it will ruin the internal balance of your abdomen and make your belly more obvious!

It is true that reducing food intake can reduce weight, but muscle strength and muscle relaxation can still lead to the formation of lower belly. The most important thing to reduce the belly is to increase the abdominal muscle strength, so that the metabolism and fat burning ability are improved, so that the fat and fat can be eliminated quickly.

Pay attention to eating more foods rich in protein and dietary fiber. In addition, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the intake of carbohydrates and lipids.

Try to drink as little as possible

For white-collar workers, it is indispensable to go out to socialize, especially for men, but of course alcohol and meat are also indispensable for socializing. When living in this way for a period of time, a lot of fat will accumulate in the stomach, but you say that it is very embarrassing if the work requires this. The situation is, so we try to drink less as much as possible. If you can drink, don’t drink with white wine and beer. Of course, it’s best not to drink anything.

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