How to Maintain Long-Term Fitness?

Losing WeightAlthough everyone understands the benefits of fitness, it is not a simple matter to persevere, so you have to use appropriate methods to make yourself persevere.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to find your favorite sports and stick to it. This has always been a subject of research by scientists. If you are a couch potato who is too lazy to move all day long, expending great efforts to explain to you the benefits of fitness will only make you hate exercise even more. In fact, in daily life, you have far more opportunities to exercise than you think, but you haven’t realized it yet.

See the stitches, hurry up

Running, weightlifting, aerobics, and all team sports are very good, but if you really can’t get your favorites, walking around is also a good choice.

The first step is to try to record your weekly activities, separate the time you spend on activities and static time, and be accurate to the minute. For example, when you answer the phone in the office, you can walk back and forth; abandon the elevator and climb the stairs. If the floor is too high, you can take a few more elevators and take a few more stairs; when a TV show is interrupted, you can walk around; you can get your mail or walk back and forth in the company hallway.

Target burning calories

A long-term study of the Harvard University Alumni Association in the United States showed that people who burn 300 calories through exercise every day have the lowest mortality rate. It is not difficult to do it!

Many health organizations, including the US Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have suggested that 30 minutes of exercise is more appropriate, which can help you consume about 210 calories a day. Even if you don’t participate in regular sports, you can also use guerrilla warfare to complete daily plans, such as watering flowers, tidying up the room, walking on foot, and riding a bicycle. A person weighing 75 kg spends 30 minutes playing with a child, and he can consume 187 calories, which is more than half of the recommended 300 calories. Doesn’t it sound difficult at all?

Let yourself taste the sweetness at any time

If you taste the sweetness, you will continue to stick to it. A study of 100 elderly men and women showed that if a person who started exercising sees that those who persisted for 6 months benefited a lot, he would persist for at least a year. In a few weeks, exercise may not reduce your cholesterol or waist circumference by a single circle, but it can also provide you with a generous reward-less stress, feeling comfortable, and sleeping more soundly.

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