Good Eating Habits Scientifically Lose Weight without Rebounding

losing weightSince ancient times, slimming has been an indispensable homework for the love of beauty. In recent years, with the rendering of thin beauties and clothing models, the trend of slimming has become even more pronounced. Many girls who are not too fat also choose a variety of ways to lose weight, and some even go on a diet. Is hungry weight loss reliable? Let us listen to the opinions of experts.

What is fat?

We must make a clear concept, the so-called weight loss is to fat and then reduce. How is a person obese? There is a calculation formula in medicine: height -100 (or 105) = weight in kilograms. This number can fluctuate by 10%, and if it exceeds 20%, we call it obesity.

In life, some girls who are in adolescence and are not fat are hungry in pursuit of slimness. This approach is not advisable.

First, often do not eat, the digestive system is in a state of hunger for a long time, once eating, the rate of digestion and absorption will increase instead. Although some girls do not eat less food and snacks, such as sugar and chocolate, they are more likely to gain weight.

Secondly, once people on a long-term diet overeating, they are likely to cause diseases, such as pancreatitis.

In addition, an abnormal diet will lead to insufficient nutrition and unbalanced diet, which can easily cause hypoglycemia and lack of various vitamins, and make people lack energy. What is the beauty of a person who has a bad mental outlook and is listless all day?

Young women should understand that being thin does not mean having a good figure. The most important thing is a good body. Of course, in order to keep fit, diet is one aspect. We need to control our diet properly, eat regularly, and eat less oily, high-energy, and high-sugar foods, such as toffee, chocolate, and burgers. The most significant thing is to increase physical activity, such as doing more housework and participating in more physical activities, which can promote bone growth, reduce fat accumulation, maintain physical flexibility and keep fit and slim.

Twelve good eating habits to help you lose weight

  1. Eat attentively

Don’t read books or watch TV. Many Americans like to eat in front of the TV, or take fast food, coke, etc. while driving. Studies have found that when you are distracted by work, traffic or television, you will overeat unconsciously, and if you concentrate on eating, you will stop immediately when you feel full.

  1. Pay attention to the dining atmosphere

Eat in the same room at home, whether it is three meals or snacks. Turn the meal into a special moment, spread beautiful tablecloths, and put on exquisite tableware.

  1. Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy

Before meals, drink a bowl of nutritious and low-calorie soup (make sure there are no animal fats in it) so that you won’t eat too much during the meal. A foreign study showed that people who drank a bowl of tomato soup first had 25% fewer calories than those who did not make this choice.

  1. Eat when you feel hungry

There are many reasons for modern people to eat, especially when they feel bored, lonely, fearful or stressed, which may be due to the social and cultural environment. Remember, you cannot rely on food to solve all the problems in your life. If you want to reduce stress, it is better to exercise. Don’t eat for reasons other than hunger.

  1. Eat quantitatively, chew slowly

Eat more carbohydrate vegetables and grains. Use unprocessed grains, vegetables, beans and fruits as the staple food, plus a small amount of animal protein—lean meat, chicken, and fish (up to 100 grams per day). You need to know the 20-minute rule: the brain will not feel full after about 20 minutes. Please slow down your eating speed to adapt to the body’s internal regulatory system.

  1. Don’t leave food on the table

Set a time for three meals, clear the table immediately after the meal, and leave the restaurant immediately. You can avoid eating anytime when you are not hungry. Because no one can resist this temptation. Food should be bought and eaten immediately, not a lot of food at once.

  1. Hide high-calorie foods

If you can’t see cookies and ice cream, you won’t be unable to resist the temptation. Don’t eat refined sugar and substitute fruit for sweets.

  1. Don’t skip meals

This way, your physical reflex will make you more enthusiastic about fat and sugar foods.

  1. Don’t drink calories, but eat calories

Sugared sodas, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages do not make people feel full, but they contain a lot of calories. Eat more water is better than drink more water. Beans, whole grains and whole wheat noodles absorb a lot of water when they are cooked, and are rich in fiber, which can make people feel full, and it takes a long time to feel hungry. Although drinking plenty of water is important for health care, from the perspective of weight loss, just drinking plenty of water cannot calm the feeling of hunger.

  1. Be careful about the order of eating

Eat foods with the least calories first, such as boiled vegetables or light vegetable soup. After eating these low-calorie foods, your stomach does not have much room for high-calorie foods. Use cheese and meat as condiments. Don’t make these high-fat, high-calorie foods the main content on the table. In addition, limit caffeine intake.

  1. Brush your teeth quickly after the meal

Brushing your teeth after a meal is a good habit. It not only protects your teeth, but when you feel your breath is fresh, you will be more than happy to keep it in this state.

  1. Walk a hundred steps after a meal and live to ninety-nine

Promoting metabolism can consume more calories. Therefore, you should walk at a normal speed for 30 to 45 minutes a day for a total of 3 to 5 kilometers. Some scholars also pointed out that it is better to start walking 15-20 minutes after a meal.

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