Principles of Weight Loss

How to get a Flat BellyWhether you lose weight with a dietitian or perform any weight loss tips, you are right to drink more! Because studies have shown that many times when you think you are hungry, looking for snacks is actually just thirsty.

As long as you quench your thirst, you can alleviate this kind of false hunger, and supplement enough water to increase the body’s metabolism, which is beneficial to weight loss. Weight loss plays a key role.

Eat the least at night and choose weight-loss snacks

As mentioned earlier, due to the low amount of activity at night, not many calories are consumed. The excess energy is easily converted into fat and stored in the body. Especially, eating supper before going to bed is a taboo for dietitians to lose weight. If you really have mouth marks or are hungry at night, or if you want to eat snacks when you are bored, you may choose high-fiber granola bars, oatmeal or plain oatmeal, a cup of plant milk, high-protein tea eggs and chicken breast. A good choice, it is also advisable to eat some healthy weight loss snacks before eating a big meal!

Must eat breakfast

In addition to the intermittent fasting method, such as the 168 fasting weight loss method, the 8-hour eating time is adjusted to the beginning of the afternoon, the normal three meals should include breakfast. The principle of dietitians to lose weight is to maintain a basic calorie intake. Not eating one of the three meals will make the remaining two meals overeating and increase the excess energy. It will also make the whole day tired and memory loss.

Exercise 3 hours a week

The strongest weight loss for lazy people is not to exercise? Although dietitians focus on light food and balanced nutrition, they do not mean that you do not exercise at all. Although you can leave little room for exercise, you should still get active in your spare time. Jogging or shopping and walking up to 10,000 steps every day Yes, dietitians recommend to exercise at least 3 hours a week for weight loss.

Quit refined sugar and sugar substitutes

Quitting refined sugar is easy to know and difficult to do, but it is something that a dietitian must do in a weight loss plan! Except for hand-made drinks, sodas and cake desserts with ridiculously high sugar content, sugar substitutes are not as healthy as expected. Some nutritionists said that it is best not to use sweeteners or sugar substitutes to deceive taste buds, because sugar substitutes do not contain calories. The deceived brain does not feel full and may eat more food to make up for the calories!

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