Healthy Eating for Slim Figure

  1. Top Exercises at homeLow-calorie diet

Reducing the total calorie intake in the diet can promote the body to use the stored fat and burn the calories to achieve the goal of weight loss. To reduce calories, we should first reduce sugar and fat, and secondly, the intake of staple food. If you reduce 10 grams of fat or 10 grams of fat every day, you can reduce calories by 360 kj; reduce sugar by 10 grams, can reduce calories by 160 kj; reduce staple food by 60 grams, can reduce calories by 700 kj.

If you want to lose 0.5kg of weight per week, you must eat less of 1,440 kj of calories every day. In terms of total calories per day, women should be controlled at 4000-4800 kj, while men can provide 4800-5600 kj of light daily calories. , the principle is to keep the calories from making ends meet, until reaching the standard weight.

  1. Choose vegetables and fruits

Since vegetables and fruits are low in calories, adequate intake of vitamins and vitamins during weight loss. Fresh vegetables and fruits with cellulose can avoid constipation caused by reduced calories. In the off-season of fruits and vegetables, the needs of obese people cannot be met. You can eat more whole grains and beans, as well as seafood and vegetables such as seaweed, kelp, kelp, etc., to meet the body’s need for fiber.

Some foods, such as agar, kanji, seaweed, etc., that absorb large amounts of heat and water, do not produce heat or have low calories, and can give people a feeling of fullness, which are especially suitable for obese people. When eating such foods, vitamin preparations should be supplemented appropriately.

  1. Control salt and moisture

Obesity is suitable for light; generally the daily salt consumption is about 5 grams, while pickles, kamahi, etc. Are forbidden to avoid water retention. Do not eat or eat less irritating condiments, so as not to cause hyper appetite. The daily supply of liquid is about 1500ml (excluding the water contained in food).

  1. Refuse snacks

Don’t eat snacks or eat fewer snacks. When making sweets, it is best to use sweeteners that do not contain calories or contain fewer calories (such as stevie).

  1. Control fat

Excessive fat intake is one of the factors that cause obesity. Therefore, foods with heavy fats, such as fried foods, butter, whole milk, fatty meat, etc. Should be eaten or eaten less. Eating skimmed milk or skimmed milk powder instead of whole milk powder can reduce the fat content in food. The total fat intake throughout the day should be controlled below 20% of the total calories (including fat content consumed throughout the day and cooking oil).

  1. Guarantee protein

During weight loss, adequate protein intake should still be ensured, of which high-quality protein should account for 1/2. Since protein-rich animal foods have a high fat content, they should not be consumed too much. Low-fat meats, such as rabbit meat, fish and poultry, and eat more soy products. It is advisable to supply 1-1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

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