Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

CrunchHow to lose weight without a good trick in winter, the editor below will share some tips for losing weight quickly in 7 days. Let’s take a look.

  1. Three principles of fast weight loss in a week
  2. Do not reduce food intake and reduce calorie intake
  3. An empty stomach will make the pressure last
  4. Smooth bowel movements

No matter how many kilograms you want to lose in a short period of time, as long as it damages your health and disrupts your homeostasis, weight loss methods should be avoided. Here are 5 practical methods.

Use oatmeal instead of rice to reduce calories by half

In this week, oatmeal is used instead of rice, which is also a bowl of weight. The calories of oatmeal are much lower than rice, and the rich water can make you feel full, control appetite, prevent and improve overeating.

In addition, you can add seaweed, Hijri and other seaweed ingredients to cook oatmeal, which is rich in dietary fiber, promotes detoxification, and slows the body’s absorption of fat and sugar.

Add some seaweed ingredients when eating vegetable and fruit salad

Although salads are rich in enzymes and dietary fiber, potato salads, macaroni salads, etc. add a lot of mayonnaise and have high calories. Therefore, it is generally best to choose a vegetable and fruit salad, while adding seaweed food to activate the intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, and slim waist, and eat safely and healthily.

Eat warm vegetable dishes when food is insufficient

When controlling your diet, you may often feel that you are not full and your stomach is still hungry. At this time, you can cook some warm vegetable dishes, steaming and cooking are all OK, add some salt, pepper, vinegar and other seasonings to eliminate the feeling of fasting , Supplement vitamins and minerals, at the same time, warm and can improve metabolism.

When you want to eat sweets, use pumpkin and sweet potatoes instead

Cakes, chocolates, candies, snacks, etc., are many people like to eat sweets, especially when the mood is high, eating sweets can really relieve emotions. However, the sugar content of sweets is very high. You need to control your weight loss. You might as well steam some pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Natural sugar also brings you a sweet taste. Dietary fiber can improve constipation and promote detoxification!

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