The Best Exercises for Fitness

how to stay FitThe Best Exercises for Fitness, Build muscles, tone the body and increase fitness without any equipment – can that work? Yes! Why body weight training takes you further and which exercises you need to know.

The days of hardcore pumping are over. Body weight training is becoming increasingly popular for this. Bur pees, squats, push-ups and dips – these exercises have something in common: They not only get your pulse racing, they are also part of classic body weight training.

Body weight means body weight. Body weight training is understood to be strength and / or endurance training that does not require any equipment.

The resistance that otherwise comes from dumbbells, kettle bells, cable pulls and the like is generated exclusively by your own body weight.

The benefits of body weight training

It is not without reason that fitness stars like Mad Fit, Pamela Reif and Kayla It sines swear by training with their own body weight. Here are five compelling arguments in favor of body weight training:

  1. Body weight training is challenging

Admittedly, anyone who only trains with their own body weight has to be inventive. There is no selection of equipment that will make your workout a physical challenge.

You can experiment with the speed, number of repetitions and the intensity of your exercises and push yourself to your athletic limits.

  1. Body weight training boosts fat burning

A classic HIIT workout can be easily put together from bodyweight exercises. Intensive intervals of strength and cardio units plus short breaks – you don’t need any weights to boost your fat metabolism and benefit from the after burn effect.

  1. Body weight exercises have a low risk of injury

Body weight exercises are functional – that is, the movements are similar to those we do in everyday life anyway. The sequences are not completely new for the body and can therefore strengthen it in a targeted manner and protect it from stress.

This also means that the risk of injury is low compared to traditional strength training, which is more on the joints.

  1. Training with your own body weight is flexible

Exercising without equipment also means being independent. You don’t need any equipment and therefore no gym, which costs a lot of money on the side.

Your body and a mat are enough. Those who train outdoors don’t even need that. You are also not bound by time. You decide when, where and for how long you train.

Body weight training is particularly practical on vacation when neither gym nor equipment is available.

  1. Body weight training is varied

The body as the only resistance: won’t it get boring in the long run? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! There are countless exercises – from lunge, bur pees and push-ups to squats.

The advantage: almost every basic exercise can be varied. For the push-up, for example, there are different grip variants – from wide to narrow – and you can even do them with one arm. So it never gets monotonous!

 Body weight training vs. equipment training

What is more: body weight training or classic strength training with weights? Here you will find a guide if you are still not sure which type of training is better for you.

We compared training with your own body weight and the classic strength workout against additional resistance.

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