Sedentary Lifestyle is Waiting

lockdown fitnessBe careful, Sedentary Lifestyle is waiting for us! Back to school opens its arms to us. Each of us, like the New Year, wants to start this back-to-school year with good resolutions.

One of our concerns is to take care of ourselves. Indeed, our daily life makes us appear to be hyperactive. But often these are long days spent in front of a computer and a cell phone.

In the evening, we deserve a well-deserved rest… watching TV on a sofa! ?

Far from blaming our way of life, however, a slight step backwards allows us to realize that one day or another, our body (or our mind!) Will tell us to stop!

What is a sedentary lifestyle?

Sedentary lifestyle corresponds to the time spent in a sitting or lying position during periods of awakening: work, motorized travel, home, leisure.

According to a recent study1 carried out on a cohort of more than 35,000 adults, on average 45 years old and having a professional activity, the average time spent in a sitting position is estimated at 12 hours during a working day and at 9 hours on a day off…

On the other hand, according to the European agency for health and safety at work, lack of physical activity is considered to be an emerging physical risk in terms of health and safety at work. She specifies that the causes observed are the use of visualization devices and automated systems that cause prolonged sitting at work, as well as the increase in the time spent sitting in business trips 2.

There are still few clinical studies on the health effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

However, sitting for more than 3 hours a day has been shown to impact a number of conditions 3.

How to fight against a sedentary lifestyle?

The who (World Health Organization) recommendations for physical activity for adults are to accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, or to perform 25 minutes of physical activity. High intensity at least 3 days a week. Physical inactivity is defined below these thresholds, which concerns a third of people aged 15 to 75, or 29% of men and 37% of women (2008 health nutrition barometer).

Some little tips can help us fight against a sedentary lifestyle at work, such as:

  • Get up from your chair at regular intervals (every hour, or even every 1 / 2h) and possibly take a few steps.
  • Do some stretching exercises regularly to reduce muscle stiffness and tension, and thus prevent pain and musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Used as a Swiss ball chair which promotes, by creating instability, the contraction of the various muscles of the body

Thus, this year 2018 can be an impetus towards a salutary awareness Let’s give it the chance to make time for ourselves, for our physical and mental health. Nordic walking is my credo because it is a gentle, complete and efficient activity.

But any activity, practiced with a qualified and attentive entourage, makes it possible to prevent sedentary lifestyle and to feel… more fit!?

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