What is Power of Yoga?

Calories burningIf you are a beginner in the world of yoga, it can be difficult to find your way around the different styles and yoga exercises, because you may have noticed that there are a myriad of different variations of yoga. On this page we will introduce you to what is called Power yoga.

Yoga as a modern form of exercise

The different Power yoga exercises give you a good physical workout and then such a yoga workout is rarely the same. So what is Power yoga? As the name suggests, it is a yoga style focused on building strength and endurance, and it is therefore also an excellent workout for burning calories.

Although Power yoga is not an official type of yoga, the term is sometimes used interchangeably with Vinyasa yoga. It is therefore perhaps more accurate to say that Power yoga is a form of Vinyasa that has its roots in Ashtanga yoga, an established practice that had its beginnings in the early 20th century. But whatever you call it, Power yoga is a fast-paced and intense activity. You move quickly from one exercise to another and connect your breathing with the various movements of your body.

Training on your personal level

You will find Power yoga videos, which are guaranteed to make you sweat on your forehead. Here you get a mix of classic yoga exercises and more physically demanding exercises that you perform in a dynamic flow in step with your breathing. As a member with us, you will find both Power yoga videos for beginners, easily practiced and experienced, and you can therefore easily and calmly work your way towards mastering the style in company with us.

Yoga instructor in revolved downward facing dog

What are the main differences between Power yoga and other types of yoga?

Unlike Hath yoga, the most classic form of yoga, Power yoga moves at a much faster pace. Hath yoga focuses on exercises and breathing at a slower, more conscious pace than Power yoga. The same is true with Yin yoga, where there is more focus on holding a position for longer periods of time. Therefore, you do not get your heart rate up in the same way as with Power yoga.


Power yoga uses many of the same exercises as other types of yoga, but not always in the same order. For example, Astana yoga is a very precise practice, and each exercise is performed in the same order, regardless of who your instructor is. Power yoga, on the other hand, follows a sequence determined by the instructor. There is therefore greater variation and looser structure in Power yoga.


One of the biggest differences between Power yoga and other types of yoga is the flow. In Power yoga, you are in constant motion from one position to the next, and you exhale as you change position. For example, Hath yoga has more focus on achieving the correct posture and position than the actual movement from exercise to exercise.

The Benefits of Power Yoga Exercises

Get your heart rate up

Due to the fast pace, Power yoga workout will get your heart rate up. Getting your heart rate up during exercise helps your body circulate blood and oxygen to your muscles and organs more efficiently. In particular, it can help improve your fitness, endurance and overall health.


Just because a Power yoga workout is fast-paced does not mean that you will not be doing the various Power yoga exercises for a long time. You will be asked to hold some positions for a minute or longer.

When you hold your body in a certain position for more than a few seconds, your muscles automatically begin to work to keep you in position. This can increase your muscle strength and endurance in many parts of your body.

Weight loss

Power yoga is as much cardio training as it is yoga, and therefore you burn calories. If you have been practicing Power yoga for a long time, your improved muscle strength will also mean that you burn more calories, even when you are not exercising.

Stress reduction

Yoga is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and promote feelings of relaxation and calm. Although Power yoga is less meditative and more fast-paced than other yoga styles, Power yoga also has the ability to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortical in your body.

Get started with Power yoga

If you are a member with us, our skilled yoga instructor will take you through Power yoga training. Here are both introductory videos for you who have never tried it before and practice videos for you who are an expert in the world of yoga.

To complete a Power yoga workout, you do not need any equipment other than a yoga mat. You can therefore easily adjust to the training at home in the living room. We look forward to getting sweat on your forehead with you.

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