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lose belly fatSave on the liquid calories and snacks. These are a few of the tips that can help you with a quick weight loss, says health expert. Even though you cannot feel it in the Danish spring weather, the winter is over, and we are approaching summer and bathing season with rapid steps. The coziness of winter, however, tends to leave traces on the side legs.

Fortunately, you do not have to invent the deep dish to rediscover the beach shape, says diet expert Martin Kreutzer, who has written several books on health and weight loss.

All diets work. A NUPO diet is just as good as eating smaller meals or exercising a lot. Once you have made the decision whether you want to lose weight, it is just a matter of finding the cure that suits you.

Small changes make a big difference

He says that you do not have to change your lifestyle permanently if you want to lose the extra kilos,

There has been a trend that you always have to start a lifestyle change if you want to lose weight, but soberly it is enough to eat a little less for a period, and then continue from there as usual.

Drop the unnecessary snacks

One trick that has a great slimming effect is to cut down on the unnecessary snacks between meals and focus on eating healthy for the main meals. To this you can then add a single or two well-placed snacks.

If you want to lose weight, it’s a good idea to skip eating between the actual main meals. This applies to sweets, confectionery, nuts and tangerines.

Beware of breaks

Especially during breaks at work, you can unknowingly smoke a lot of unnecessary calories inside.

At work there are often some small breaks where you just take a handful of nuts and raisins or a little chocolate. Stick to the main meals here, and do not use food as a break.

A good way to boost health for main meals, especially for lunch and dinner, is to save on the easily absorbed carbohydrates, and replace it with coarse vegetables like root vegetables, cabbage and legumes, like peas and beans. For example, 100 grams of kale and white cabbage contain only one tenth of the calories that a slice of French bread does but gives the same fullness.

Drop the liquid calories

Another place you can easily cut off a lot of calories is by reducing the intake of liquid calories from juices, milk, juices as well as coffee with milk and sugar.

Liquid calories virtually do not satiate. Therefore, it is seen that the people who drink a lot will not eat less in the subsequent meals.

He stresses the importance of distinguishing between weight loss and health.

It may be that a freshly squeezed juice is healthy, but it is just as high in calories as a soda. It may also be that milk is good for the bones, but a minimum milk contains 80 percent of the calories of soda.

Many calories in alcohol

He says one must also be aware of the calories from alcohol.

There are a lot of calories in alcohol. The two glasses of wine you drink every night throw around 300 calories inside. Over three weeks, this means that you will gain a kilo of fat. Conversely, you can also lose a kilo of fat if you drop the two daily items.

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