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FitnessMost people are familiar with squats, which train our legs and buttocks – if we train them correctly! But we must drop the hunt for the most repetitions if we want tight buttocks, says training expert, who here guides you to a super version of squats that gives almost immediate effect.

Up and down, up and down, up and down in one infinity. You get your heart rate up, but even 100s of squats this way will not give you a particularly firming or strengthening effect on either thighs or buttocks.

The key to the tight buttocks does not lie in endless repetitions of the same exercise. It’s not about how many times you can complete a squat – but about how you complete it, says training expert, who has taught 10,000+ women how to train effective strength training.

“You need to activate and challenge your muscles regularly with high quality strength training if you want tight buttocks. It requires you to do each repetition with the same strength and power as the first, and you cannot when you work your way through one repetition after another at a high pace. You get acidic, get tired, and you cannot keep the tension along the way. So you do not get enough out of your efforts and you spend much more time on your training than necessary. If, on the other hand, you mean every single repetition, you do not have to do so many at all..

The super version of squats

What makes a squat effective is actually that you can get as far into it as possible:

And at a much slower pace than you are used to, so you can activate as many muscle groups as possible. At least half of an effective squat is a proper start and end position, which is a standing plank where you charge the muscles up with tension, so you get a lot more power in the exercise. In this way, you not only train your legs and buttocks – but also your forelegs, buttocks, stomach and calves. And with just five good and effective squats rather than 10-20-30-100 exhausting repetitions.

Try for yourself!

In the video shows you how to do a super squat that is so effective that you can just do 5 good repetitions. You will no doubt be able to feel that your muscles have been at work and you have probably trained some muscles that you have not previously grasped.

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