Juice Fasting And How Much Does It Lose Weight?

cocktails yogurtHow Effective Is Juice Fasting, And How Much Does It Lose Weight? The internet is full of homemade juice fasting recipes; from vegetable juices to beverages with many herbs. These juice fasting recipes are mostly presented with the greatest health benefits that they are supposed to achieve.

Juice fasting advocates claim that a juice regimen would provide innumerable benefits such as more beautiful skin, weight loss, and overall cleansing of the body. But can juice fasting really help you lose weight? How long do you have to adhere to such a juice regimen? And which juices are best for this?

I would like to answer these questions and a few others in this article. So read on quickly!

What is juice fasting?

Juice fasting, which is also known as juice cleansing, is a so-called cleansing cure to lose weight.

The underlying idea is not to eat solid foods for a period of time and just drink juices instead. This is intended to relieve the organs of digestion. The fact that no solid food has to be digested for a while saves the organs and thus the whole body a lot of energy.

Another reason a juice regimen can be effective is that drinking juices is primarily a source of healthy nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are full of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. In addition, you will avoid unhealthy foods such as snacks, soft drinks or processed meat.

In addition, juice fasting can help you consume fewer calories compared to a conventional diet, and thus you will lose weight.

Juice fasting can be practiced in different ways. You can prepare your own juices from fruits and vegetables in a blender or slow juicer. That sounds very attractive, but depending on the ingredients used, it can also be quite labor-intensive.

As an alternative, you can also buy ready-made organic juices. Many people think that these would be less healthy because they are not quite as fresh. But that is usually not the case. On the contrary!

There are, for example, vegetable and fruit juices that are frozen directly after preparation. As a result, the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are completely preserved. In some cases, these juices even contain more nutrients than freshly made juice, as vegetables that have been harvested very fresh are often used for this.

But you should make sure that the ingredients used in the juices are organically grown and do not contain any unhealthy additives.

The latter in particular is the case with many smoothies from the supermarket; unfortunately, that makes them unhealthy again. Vegetables and fruits that have not been injected are just as important, otherwise the fiction of the body will not work. The unhealthy substances will only burden the liver.

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