How to Reduce Abdominal Fat in a Short Time

Female exerciseForget about restrictive diets or killing yourself doing sit-ups. Instead, try following these tips from a coach and nutritionist for a month to help you Reduce Abdominal Fat in no time.

If you’ve goggled how to lose belly fat fast or how to lose belly, and ended up landing on this article, congratulations! You have come to the right place, because here we are not going to talk about hyper-restrictive diets to achieve it, but about really useful tips. And we do not say it, but the expert with whom we have contacted.

Let’s face it: getting a firm abdomen is sometimes torture, especially since we do not know exactly how to achieve it and we despair when we see that, no matter how much exercise we do, no results appear. Not to mention the unreal image that we sometimes form in our heads: each body is different, that’s why it won’t do any good if you try to have the abdomen of that fit girl you follow on instagram. And much less try to achieve it in record time: to lose abdominal fat, rushing is not good.

As we get older, fat tends to accumulate – especially in the case of women – in the thighs, hips and abdomen. And it is precisely the latter that usually worries the most.

Recently, a study revealed that 35% of women are not happy with their abdomen. But let’s not forget that eliminating abdominal fat is not an impossible mission. Achieving a caloric deficit and practicing proper exercises can ensure success. And, luckily, we have spoken with an expert who has given us some guidelines for this.

What is abdominal fat?

Before we talk about how to remove it, let’s start by understanding what exactly we want to get rid of. Abdominal fat is a subcutaneous fat that is found around the waist. It provides an energy reserve to the body, but also fulfills the function of protecting and giving heat to the abdominal organs, personal trainer and nutritionist of the gym chain everyone active. Having small amounts of fat under the skin is not bad, it is normal.

The problem is when that amount is too high (remember that it can be measured with the help of a smart scale): what is dangerous is visceral fat, the one that surrounds the organs and whose excess can lead to cardiovascular problems. The excess of this fat it is what causes that ‘beer belly’ that we sometimes talk about, characterized by pushing the stomach out , the expert explains.

Can you lose localized fat?

Surely your goal is focused on losing localized fat in the abdomen, but we are sorry to say that there are no exercises that allow you to burn fat from a specific area of ​​the body exclusively.  The body is a functional unit, understand everything as a whole, when we exercise the caloric expenditure will apply to our entire organism.

You should focus on a more generalized work, who also recommends high-intensity training, You try to involve as many muscle groups as possible.

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