How to Develop Skills by Meditation?

Losing WeightMeditation is still a taboo in some cultures around the world. Even in the circle of those who meditate today, many do not yet know how meditation can actually help them. In this article, I share some of my experiences after 5 years of meditation practice while explaining how to develop new skills through meditation.

My first contact with meditation

A few years ago I discovered meditation. It was 2015 when I longed for success without really knowing how. A friend told me about meditation as a tool for relaxation, self-control and self-confidence. The second argument convinced me because I was a very nervous person, who did not know how to control his anger. Although I was often right, I have to admit that my anger worked a lot against me in several situations. A lot of times, rather than being the one right, I found myself being the person to blame by everyone.

I have also lost opportunities and people dear to my heart due to my inability to control my anger. If you are in such a situation, I invite you to subscribe to PEACE REVOLUTION, because it is on this platform that I had the chance in 2015 to start my meditation practice. I am far from the best version of myself today, but I can reassure you that much has changed in my life, both personally and professionally, since I began to meditate.

How to learn new things through meditation?

In 2015, I only had the intellectual capacity to teach and host radio shows. So I was a teacher and a journalist. One might wonder the relationship between a profession or skill and meditation. One of the things that meditation helps us develop is self-confidence. With such a weapon, we are able to make the impossible possible.

Self-confidence pushes us beyond convention to help us discover our innate talents. It’s because our minds aren’t quiet and peaceful that we can’t see beyond our limits. In fact, all the answers to the various questions that man asks himself are already within him and it is in this that meditation helps us to develop new habits that were once beyond our reach.

My new skills developed through meditation

I would like to assume that I was a teacher and journalist in 2015, with no other formal training and no other skills. After only 2 years of practicing meditation, I found myself in a completely different professional world than I have always done. First of all, I found my talents as a television host, then I developed skills in community project management and, more recently, in digital strategy facilities.

I also easily and quickly learned to develop new skills like Web Marketing and Personal Branding. I excel in both graphic and video editing and website creation. Things once beyond my reach that are now possible.

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What is meditation really?

Mediation is a mental exercise that helps us find calm in our mind, in order to seize all its resources. Human beings cannot succeed or prosper because a lot of things escape them. We run after the things of this world forgetting to take care of our mind. The mind is the engine that starts everything in our life and its potential is endless.

When we have the chance to access this potential, anything becomes possible and nothing is impossible. Meditation is therefore the tool that allows us to take control of our mind and, in turn, to become master of our life.

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