Good Foods for Weight Loss

weightHere you will find a small guide to some of the most important Good Foods for Weight Loss that you can have in your diet as often as possible.

I (dietitian Lisa Bolting, ed.) Are often asked which foods are the healthiest and which one cannot do without. But this is not how you can talk about food, you should preferably live varied.

However, there are some foods that have such a high health value that it may be good to repeat them. Not least because some of them contain a lot of fat, which might deter some from eating them. But one must keep in mind that fat is also needed if a weight loss is to work effectively.

You therefore get here a small guide to some of the “most important” foods that you are very welcome to have in your diet as often as possible.

These foods are good for weight loss:

Salmon, herring and other fatty fish contain a lot of the valuable omega-3 fatty acids, and these fish are the most important source of vitamin D and selenium.

Oatmeal abounds in healthy dietary fiber and has great satiety value. At the same time, they contain some of the unsaturated fat in the core.

Rye bread is healthy both due to the high fiber content and due to rye flour, which releases some of the most protective antioxidants. Keep an eye out for rye flour in your bread.

Eggs contain most of the proteins you need. Eggs are a very complex food, which at the same time contains both a little vitamin D and selenium as well as other good nutrients.

Olive and rapeseed oil have a very high content of the good monounsaturated fatty acids, which many get too little of. They are also the best oils to fry food in.

Nuts and almonds have a high content of the good monounsaturated fatty acids and a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, they store calcium, dietary fiber and vitamins. Beware of the amount, but feel free to eat them.

Green vegetables contain large amounts of various vitamins. Other vegetables have other types of vitamins, but none have as many as the greens.

Colorful fruits contain many vitamins. The more color and the better coloration of the fruit as in berries, for example, the more vitamins.

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