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Calories burningWhat can you do in 15 minutes of yoga? Infinite things actually. But the big question is, can you take 15 minutes a day to dedicate them exclusively to you? The answer is clear and concise: yes!

Top Exercises at homeSo that you make the most of that time, which you have promised to dedicate to yourself and only to you, we are going to make you an irrefutable proposal.

Fifteen minutes of well-being, disconnection, relaxation, fifteen minutes to work on you, to gain strength and feel good. And you will achieve all this by doing 15 minutes of yoga.

Hit play and enjoy this yoga practice by the journalist and yoga instructor. In just a quarter of an hour, you will have completed the yogi session of the day. Sounds good right?

Lose weightThis 15 minute routine is perfect if you are in a hurry (if you are even more trapped for time, don’t stop practicing, try the 10-minute yoga routine); if you prefer to get your work done in the morning before leaving home or if you feel like doing something express in the late afternoon.

With this 15 minute yoga you will enjoy a complete session in a short time, suitable for beginners who do not want to prolong the practice because you are taking your first steps and prefer to take it easy, or for the more experienced yogis who squeeze every minute of yoga they do.

You just need to do a 15 minute [break] with your favorite yoga set, let the energy flow and enjoy the practice. Go for it!

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