The Best Exercises for the Abdominal Muscles

Lose Belly Fat FastPlank poses are very effective at tightening your abdomen, whether you do these types of exercises in a yoga class or as part of your workout at the gym.

The classic plank pose involves lying on your stomach and then lifting your entire body weight onto your toes and forearms or hands, with your back straight. Then you hold the pose for as long as you can.

You can change it by doing a side plank (putting all your weight on one forearm or hand and the sides of the feet), or by lifting your legs back while in the traditional plank pose.

This is a bodyweight floor exercise that strengthens the core, more specifically the abdominal muscles, lower back, gluts, and thighs. Although it is called isolation exercise, there is a lot going on from the head to the thighs.

In a bodyweight exercise, you don’t need equipment, as your own body provides the resistance. It is also easy to do anywhere.

The bird dog is used by both athletic trainers and physical therapists. It is good for developing lumbar function as it engages the core and back muscles at the same time. It can reduce low back pain and is considered a safe exercise during recovery from a back injury.

Mountain climber

It needs a lot of attention, it is done by laying face down on the floor supporting the hands with the fingers directed towards the front at the width of the shoulders, as in an isometric plank, with the arms extended and the body resting on the palms of the hands and the toes, so that the body is in a straight line.

From that posture, the movement consisting of alternately bringing the knees towards the opposite elbow begins. That is, raise the left knee to the right elbow below the body and the right knee to the left elbow in the same way.

The leg change is done by explosive jump, to execute it correctly it is necessary to start from an adequate initial physical form. For those who are beginning to enter the sports world it is better to practice it by marking the gesture without jumping and modifying the rhythm.

Sit up

One of the many reasons abs are becoming more popular is that they are easy to modify, for example doing them on an incline or holding weights so you can continue to challenge yourself as you improve your core strength.

To perform a good sit up, keep your feet and hips aligned with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, and exhale as you rise and inhale as you return to the starting position.

To get the most out of each sit up, exercise slowly or in a controlled manner. This ensures that the muscles work hard and allows you to focus on their form, which reduces the likelihood of injury.

Don’t use your arms to lift your head, as this takes pressure off your core muscles, giving them less exercise, and can put extra pressure on your neck.


Many don’t realize that using stationary bikes can be one of the best ways to tone their abs. On this device, these exercises are perfect for toning your back, arms, and legs, but there are stomach exercises that can be done while riding any stationary bike equipment. One of the best, definitely, are the crunches.

Pedal while contracting your abs inward. Does this for about a minute, then continue with regular pedaling? This is an easy way to tone your core while getting a great cardio workout at the same time.


From this exercise there are many techniques; one area that most forget to train is the obliques. These long muscles, when well trained and when your overall body fat is low, completely frame the abdomen or six pack and give the waist a more tapered appearance.

We come to one of the most functional, but one of the most feared. In this exercise the idea is to join several positions in fast repetitions to achieve fat burning through increased heart rate. It involves jumping with your hands stretched up, landing in a deep squat, then creating an equally deep push-up, re-squatting, and repeating everything over and over again.

Due to its complexity and the speed with which it is required to do it, it is definitely one of the most beneficial.

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