Simple Secrets to Healthy Weight Loss

 Healthy Weight LossExhausting workouts, strict diets, dietary supplements and even hypnosis – all this has nothing to do with healthy weight loss. Such techniques give a short-term result, they force you to spend a lot of money, after which the weight will return sooner or later. So you choose a new diet over and over again, buy new pills or go to a weight loss clinic.

Basic principles of safe weight loss

In fact, the recipe for healthy weight loss is very simple and fits into an elementary formula: a balanced diet + feasible physical activity + the correct daily regimen.

In order for the weight to finally start to go away, it is enough to observe

3 basic principles.

You need to eat less than your body needs for daily activity, and move more than you are used to.

Food must be healthy and of good quality. Just like that, and not cheap, or familiar, or quick to prepare.

Your daily routine, diet and rest time should be right for you, and not for famous trainers or pumped-up girlfriends. Be sure to listen to your body so that in the process of losing weight you do not lose the most precious thing – health.

Recipes that work

If healthy weight loss is so easy, why hasn’t everyone around you become slim and healthy yet? The difficulty lies in the fact that in order to achieve the result, you need to change the lifestyle itself. Compared to this, any diet seems not so scary. If you are determined to make positive changes in your life, start with a few important steps.

Oddly enough, it is he, and not diet or physical activity, that is the most important condition for healthy weight loss. Train yourself to sleep at least 8 hours a day, arrange for yourself two full weekends, and also do not forget about the need to take a vacation at least twice a year.

If you postpone rest until later, the body experiences stress and tries to cope with it as best it can – with the help of chocolates and rolls.

Your primary concern is learning how to take good care of yourself. This does not mean that you need to give up everything and lie on the couch all day. On the contrary, you need to make your working hours the most effective, and distribute household chores between loved ones or solve these problems with the help of modern technology. Learn to plan not only business, but also leisure.

Food only when you are hungry

All meals should be based solely on the physical desire to eat, and not on psychological problems. If you are used to supporting yourself mentally with a delicious cake, promising yourself your favorite chocolate after a hard day at work, or often having lunch for a company, try to get rid of these habits.

Only eat when you are really hungry – and the results will not be long in coming.

Small portions

If you still want to stick to your diet, remember that the food volume should be less than three of your fists. In this case, one third of the portion should be fresh or stewed vegetables or fruits. The second third is protein-rich foods: meat, fish, legumes. Try to eliminate fried foods from your diet. Baking, boiling, and braising are healthier cooking methods. Finally, the third part of the dish should consist of cereals, potatoes, pasta, or other foods that contain slow carbohydrates.

If you are used to snacks, do not give up on them: a couple of times a day you can pamper yourself with nuts or fruits.

Sometimes you can even afford your favorite sweets – but exactly half of the usual portion.

Healthy snack

Of course, this is an integral part of healthy weight loss. It doesn’t have to be a gym or group workout. Running, cycling, rollerblading, swimming or dancing – no matter what the activity will be, the main thing is that it should be – and, moreover, regularly! For a more serious body shaping, it is better to turn to professionals, but for healthy weight loss and keeping yourself in shape, daily physical activity will be enough for your taste.

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