Lose Weight Effectively With Exercise

Fitness Tips for olderLose Weight Effectively With Exercise is crucial if you want to lose weight. Try to plan exercise sessions as often as possible – but at least two to three times a week. Here, too, the following applies: depending on where you are athletic, you should adapt the training. Start slowly if you haven’t done any sport in a long time.

Endurance training like Lose Weight Effectively With Exercise jogging, cycling or swimming burns a lot of calories. But strength training also helps you lose weight, because the greater the muscle mass, the higher the basal metabolic rate of calories.

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise alone, you can team up with others

Lose weight effectively

Low-crab is not for everyone and it is difficult for many to implement in the long term. The study situation with regard to the success of weight loss and the health effects is also not clear. Nevertheless, successes have already been achieved with low-crab diets. The idea behind it is this:

Carbohydrates are converted into simple sugars during digestion. As a result, the blood sugar level rises and insulin is released, which in turn inhibits the burning of fat. If the body is no longer provided with carbohydrates, it has to fall back on existing fat reserves more quickly for energy supply – this is also the main argument of the low-crab diet.

However, this only works when there is a calorie deficit. If so many fats and proteins are consumed in a low-crab diet that there is an excess of calories, no fat deposits are burned. Conversely, the same applies: even with a diet high in carbohydrates with a calorie deficit, fat reserves are attacked despite the release of insulin. Ultimately, it remains a matter of calorie intake.

However, it makes sense to avoid carbohydrates with a high index. White flour products and sugar in particular cause the blood sugar level to skyrocket, which then falls just as quickly. The result is food cravings. Therefore, it is better to choose whole grain products that keep your blood sugar level stable and fill you up for a long time.

Whether low-crab, low-fat, paleo, intermittent fasting or other diets – you should always be critical of nutrition trends. Although they can help you lose weight in individual cases, they are often not suitable for everyday use in the long term and you risk a yo-yo effect. You should also be careful with diets that promise very quick success – there is no magic bullet for weight loss.

What is the ideal weight?

The body mass index , which is 18.5 to 24.9 in the normal range, provides a guideline. However, neither stature, body fat percentage nor muscle mass are taken into account.

The ideal weight is above all the weight with which you feel comfortable and not the socially propagated ideal measurements. If you decide to lose weight, you should only do so for your own well-being and health.

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