How To Identify Excess Weight?

slimExcess weight is not only ugly, but also unhealthy. Unnecessary pounds can provoke the development of hypertension, diabetes mellifluous, atherosclerosis. Start taking care of your health by calculating extra pounds. The most accurate method for this is the calculation of BMI.

Are you overweight

Body mass index is a medical indicator that helps you determine how much your weight matches your height. It is calculated using a simple formula:

BMI = weight in kilograms / height in meters squared

For example, with a weight of 65 kg and a height of 170 cm, your BMI will be 22.4 kg / m2. The data obtained must be compared with the table in order to evaluate your result.

16 kg / m 2  or less Severe mass deficit
16-18.5 kg / m 2 Underweight
18.5-25 kg / m 2 Norm
25-30 kg / m 2  Overweight (pre-obesity)
30–35 kg / m 2 First degree obesity
35-40 kg / m 2 Second degree obesity
 40 kg / m 2  and more  Obesity of the third degree (morbid)

Other methods for determining excess weight

The simplest and most accessible method for diagnosing obesity for everyone is to assess the thickness of the skin folds on the abdomen. Normally, for women it should be 2–4 cm, and for men – 1–2 cm. If its size exceeds 5–10 cm, then we are talking about obesity.

Another traditional method for diagnosing obesity is measuring the size of the waist. For men, this figure should not exceed 94 cm, and for women – 80 cm.Despite the simplicity of this method, you should not neglect it. It indicates the presence of abdominal fat – deposits around the waist. They can be located not only under the skin, but also around the internal organs. In this case, body fat will pose a serious health threat.

Electronic scales with fat determination function. Such models are not very accurate and sometimes confuse fat and water, but in the process of losing weight, they can be very useful, since they will clearly demonstrate your progress.

Bio impedance analysis of body composition allows you to most accurately determine the percentage of body fat using weak current charges. Because muscle, fat, and bone have different resistance to electricity, experts can accurately measure how much body fat is. Such research can only be carried out in certified clinics.

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