How Diet Influences Flexibility

Staying Fit at homeRegular exercise is one of the keys to being in great physical shape. If you regularly stretch but don’t feel flexible, you should pay attention to your diet and limit your intake of certain foods.

For example, you can exclude salt from the diet, because it accumulates in the joints and retains fluid, which negatively affects the cardiovascular system.

Sugar also does not add to the body either slimness or flexibility. In addition, excessive consumption of sugar may prevent the body from absorbing calcium.

It is not recommended to abuse milk. Animal protein oxidizes the body, and the body needs additional calcium to excrete it. As a result, bones weaken and can be injured during exercise.

Coffee lovers should drink no more than two cups of their favorite drink a day, because it dehydrates the body. To have a flexible body, you need to maintain optimal water balance.

Foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids should be added to the diet. These are seafood, nuts, seeds, flax seed oil, green vegetables and tropical fruits. Protein (such as chicken breast, eggs, fish, and cottage cheese) is recommended to help repair damaged muscle tissue after exercise.

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