5 Tips How to Increase Your Energy Level

Top Exercises at homeMetabolism controls every physiological process in the body. It converts the food we eat into the necessary energy that we need for all our processes – from movements and thought processes to the growth process. Although metabolism affects many factors such as weight, libido, fertility, recovery and performance, it’s most important influence is arguably limited to our energy levels. With this in mind, you will find out here about the 5 strategies how you can promote your metabolism and increase your energy level.

1. Sleep a Lot

Sleep is probably the most important source of energy. In order to be able to guarantee a good quality of sleep, you should avoid unnatural radiation after 7 p.m. (such as cell phones, laptops, computers, TV), because too much light (especially blue light) can suppress the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Keep in mind that sleep deprivation is cumulative and it may take you a few days to weeks to restore that balance. If you’re still feeling low on energy during the day, treat yourself to a 30-minute afternoon nap.

2. Exercise Early In the Morning

Exercising early in the morning is great for boosting your metabolism and boosting energy levels for the whole day. Make sure you do light to moderately intense exercise and focus on mobility and full body exercises. Activities like fast walking, yoga, or light circuit training improve your blood circulation, oxygen uptake, and nutrient delivery for the rest of the day.

3. Stress management

Acute stress can increase the metabolic processes, but chronic stress, on the other hand, can cause the metabolism to slow down and the energy level to drop. If you are experiencing stress in your daily life then watch the signs such as difficulty sleeping, tiredness, cold hands / feet, poor recovery, weight gain and find ways to manage your stress. Some of these anti-stress strategies include daily meditation, lunch walks, and breathing techniques. With the help of this you can also increase your energy level.

4. Eat regularly

One of the most obvious, but under-followed, strategies for increasing energy levels is eating regularly throughout the day. Sufficient consumption of carbohydrates prevents energy holes. Learn to find out when your metabolism is slowing down and make sure you eat something. Signs of a slow metabolism are cold hands and feet, loss of concentration, and a general feeling of lethargy. Listen to the symptoms and eat accordingly.

5. Refine your coffee

Excessive coffee consumption should of course be avoided, but a small, morning coffee injection can stimulate the metabolism. If the energy comes in slowly, add coconut oil, coconut cream, or honey as a sweetener. After noon, however, you should avoid coffee.

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