Tips and Tricks for Losing Weight

Weight LossMany people who want to lose weight torment themselves through Tips and Tricks for Losing Weight and often unhealthy diets: hunger attacks, deficiency symptoms and poor performance are just some of the negative side effects of crash diets. But there is another way! Today we will show you the ultimate tips and tricks for losing weight without a diet, which will help you lose weight without hunger and without the yo-yo effect!

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  1. Balanced breakfast

What our grandparents already knew is proven time and again in various studies: a balanced breakfast helps you lose weight. A London study found that when you don’t have breakfast, the brain is more responsive to images of high-calorie foods. Another study from 2013 found a significantly greater decrease in the hunger hormone in women who had eaten a large breakfast than in the comparison group with a small breakfast. So if you have a good breakfast, you reduce the risk of hunger pangs. Discover our healthy breakfast recipes for your rich breakfast.

  1. Make appointments for your workout!

Sport is an important success factor if you want to lose weight sustainably. According to a study, however, less than half of Germans manage to exercise regularly. The most common reason: no time. This is followed by stress at work, private obligations and other reasons that are actually just a description of no time. No wonder that parents in particular do poorly in these statistics and therefore unfortunately do not provide good role models for the next generation. If you are in such a situation yourself, it is helpful to enter fixed dates for the training in your calendar. So you always keep an eye on your workout, treat it in terms of value like a doctor’s appointment and it will not be forgotten if the time is a little shorter than planned. Not only your weight, but also your health and thus your workforce has been proven to benefit from regular exercise.

  1. More fiber!

An american heart association study instructed a group of subjects to adhere to a strict diet plan for 3 months. The comparison group did not have to follow a diet, they only had one requirement for the period: 30 grams of fiber per day. At the end of the study, both test groups had lost weight and their heart health had improved. This shows that the simple intake of more dietary fiber can make a significant contribution to weight loss. The reason for this is that fiber can absorb a lot of fluids and thus swell up in the digestive tract. Our feeling of hunger reacts, among other things, to the volume of the food we eat or the stretching of the intestinal wall, which is why the intake of fiber makes a decisive difference when it comes to regulating the amount of food. You can incorporate more fiber into your diet by, for example, incorporating whole grains instead of white flour products.

  1. Water on!

Sufficient water is important for our general well-being and also helps with weight loss. Those who drink more water usually also eat less – especially a glass of water right before each meal promotes satiety. In addition, a feeling of thirst is often confused with a feeling of hunger and is therefore eaten when the body actually craves water. In addition, increased fluid intake stimulates the metabolism and whoever swaps soft drinks and juices for water saves a lot of calories – a glass of orange juice, for example, has 100-150 calories. Over a month, with just two glasses of juice a day, that amounts to around one kilogram of body fat!

  1. Smaller plates

If you arrange your meals on a smaller plate or bowl, you will be full faster. The reason for this weight loss trick is that the brain perceives the same portion as smaller on a larger plate, which means that it takes longer to feel full. You can also use tricks with caloric drinks: large, narrow glasses reduce the amount of drink, while small, wide glasses tend to pour more. So not only do the eyes eat with them, they also drink with them – take advantage of that!

  1. Add, don’t subtract

Change your focus! Many people who want to lose weight focus on which foods they now have to eliminate from their nutrition plan and associate the diet with abstinence. Instead, focus on what you can and should eat now. Lists of permitted foods help immensely to clarify the question that many people who want to lose weight ask themselves: what am i still allowed to eat? The background is that routine choices of foods that are bad for weight characterize the daily diet of many overweight people. Bad nutrition is therefore mostly based on ingrained behaviors. Many healthy foods are forgotten. To see a large selection of possible foods in front of you, therefore, makes the task of changing behavior and eating healthier easier. Count the new healthy foods in your diet, not the unhealthy ones that you have to cut out.

  1. The sun is shining anyway

As children, we are told that we always have to eat our plate empty so that the sun would shine the next day. Eat slowly and no longer feel obliged to eat all the time – stop before you feel full. It usually takes some time for the brain to receive the signal for saturation from the digestive tract. Studies not only show that you eat more when you eat faster, but also that eating quickly is contagious. If you tend to eat quickly, take a look in your environment to see whether people eat quickly there and prefer people who eat slowly and with pleasure for a meal together.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind

Muck out your pantry, fridge and cupboards, remove sweets from their typical places in your home: everything unhealthy has to go. Especially in the refrigerator, place the vegetables at eye level, high-calorie, sugar- and fat-heavy foods in opaque Tupperware containers in the top compartment. Even if vegetables & co. Would keep longer in the lower compartments, it is of little use if they are hardly noticed there or even end up spoiled in the bin.

Granted, just because we banish the pack of candy bars from our field of vision doesn’t mean we forget about them completely. However, the sight or smell of food can trigger cravings and hunger. Of course, this also applies to image advertising, which we cannot completely switch off. If something appropriate is within reach, you can hardly counteract the impulse. By removing anything unhealthy from your supplies and swapping it for healthy alternatives, you are eliminating a risky cravings trigger. Out of sight out of mind. If you do get cravings, you will see healthy foods first, which makes it easier to avoid the unhealthy snacks.

  1. Pack your things!

Always pack your gym bag in the evening so that you only have to take it with you the next day. So you have one less excuse to skip your workout in the morning, during your lunch break or after work.

  1. Make vegetables your snack of choice

Of course, fruits and fruits are much more suitable for weight loss than traditional snacks like chocolate and chips. In addition, fruits and vegetables provide many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fruit can of course be used in a diet, but in moderation. Fruit contains a high proportion of fructose (fruit sugar) and is therefore higher in calories than vegetables. Especially in the evening it is advisable to use vegetables.

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