6 Weight Loss Tips

Weight LossDoes it always have to be a diet to get leaner, healthier and more attractive? Clearly no! Even without a diet, it is possible to lose weight and change your own health in a positive way. It is important to constantly adhere to simple rules in everyday life. In this blog post, I’ll tell you my 7 best weight loss tips that will help you get fitter and leaner even without a diet plan …

Weight loss tip 1 – keyword: water and green tea

Calorie-free or low-calorie drinks fill the stomach and avoid annoying food cravings. I therefore recommend drinking plenty of water and tea. During the day, I like to drink up to three cups of Banach green tea. For quality reasons, I only drink real ORGANIC green tea from Japan!

Green tea, like caffeine, is a stimulant thanks to the ingredient teein. In general, green tea has many other healthy properties for the body. To list these here would go beyond the scope of the article.

The bitter substances in green tea neutralize the sweet tooth. That’s why green tea is so good at helping you lose weight. So a real fat killer. Just have a quick green tea drink the next time you have a cravings for sweets – you will be surprised by the effect!

Weight loss tip 2 – protein shake for dinner

Eating comfortably in front of the TV in the evening, when the stress of the day subsides, tempts you to an extra portion. If there is also a glass of wine, it will be problematic with the slimmer.

Try having a large protein shake instead of dinner. The easiest way is to mix 30 grams of high-quality protein powder with 500ml of whole milk. If you don’t want to use protein powder, you can instead put 500 grams of low-fat quark, 1 banana and some milk in a mixer and drink it as a shake.

A protein shake will fill you up quickly and for a long time. So you don’t have to go hungry. A protein shake also usually has a lot fewer calories than a normal dinner. In addition, a protein shake provides valuable proteins for building muscle and can also taste very tasty.

eight loss tip 3 – more exercise means more calories burned.

Losing weight without a diet is possible, but you should move all the more! Regular additional endurance training several times a week is perfect for reaching a calorie deficit.

To get started, just go to a sports shop, or even easier – buy good running shoes online. Once those cool new running shoes are at home, chances are they will be put on and used too!

30 minutes of easy running or 1 hour of brisk walking daily increases fat metabolism and burns extra calories. Excess fat is so much easier to break down, even without a diet plan.

Weight loss tip 4 – Stinginess is cool – save unhealthy fats and get leaner
High-fat foods taste good, but have the most calories. Margarine, butter, cream, spreadable sausage, cheese, snacks, ready meals and sauces usually contain a lot of unhealthy fat.

Paying attention to fats and rigorously saving, lets many a kilo tumble on its own. But make sure that fat AND calories are reduced. A reduced fat food high in sugar and calories won’t help you lose weight!

On the other hand, you do not have to do without healthy fats, such as those contained in olive oil, nuts or high-fat fish. They support the hormonal balance and even promote fat burning!

Weight loss tip 5 – fruit or vegetables – the ideal snack between meals?

I recommend buying seasonal fruit or vegetables as a snack, cleaning them and cutting them into edible pieces. Prepared in this way, fruit and vegetables are practical to take away and ideal for low-calorie meals in between.

In addition, high-fiber fruits and vegetables fill the stomach and are good for digestion. Mixed with 500g of lean natural yoghurt, this snack can also be turned into a low-calorie main meal.

Goji berries, apricots, buttermilk with 1% fat content or a protein bar are also recommended as a snack. These foods are healthier and contain fewer calories than high-sugar and high-fat chocolate when consumed in moderation.

Weight loss tip 6 – stomach reduction without surgery

The stomach is a muscle. If large portions are consumed constantly, it “expands”. If, on the other hand, it is filled with small, slowly eaten portions, the stomach quickly gets used to a lower level of filling.

The longer-term effect is that the stomach contracts and becomes smaller. The feeling of satiety also occurs more quickly and protects people who are losing weight from overeating.

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