5 Winter Sports That Will Burn You A Lot Of Fat

Tips For LadiesDid you know that summer bodies are forged in winter Sports in winter not only keeps you fit and slim, the countless winter sports are also a lot of fun. There are some endurance winter sports that are real fat killers. A list of the 5 biggest fat burning sports for winter can now be found in this post …

How was the calorie consumption of the following winter sports calculated?

Before I introduce you to the most effective fat-killing winter sports, you would like to know how the calorie consumption of the individual winter sports is calculated at all?

The American College of Sports Medicine published a list of activities and their energy consumption as early as 1993. The directory has since been updated and updates are published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. This article also refers to these scientific findings1.

The scientists do not use calories for the calorie consumption of the individual sports, but the unit MET (metabolic equivalent).

These are the top 5 fat killers in winter sports

The following calculations are based on a man weighing 80 kg and a woman weighing 60 kg. If you are heavier, you automatically burn more calories per hour. On the other hand, if you are lighter, you automatically burn fewer calories.

  1. Cross-country skiing

The king of the fat-burning winter sports consumes approx. 9 MET2 at an average speed of 8 km / h. This is considered a mediocre speed and requires a moderate amount of effort.

Calorie consumption of cross-country skiing per hour:

Man: 720 kcal

Woman: 486 kcal

  1. Ice skating / ice skating

The second place of the calorie-guzzling winter sports burns with 5.5 MET at approx. 14.5 km / h more than one might initially assume. With the right ice skating equipment, a suitable ice rink and faster speeds, you can even reach up to 9 METs.

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Calorie consumption ice skating per hour:

Man: 440 to 720 kcal

Woman: 297 to 486 kcal

  1. Tobogganing / tobogganing

An unexpected slimmer in third place challenges you twice. On the one hand, when climbing the mountain and on the other hand, tobogganing burns a few calories itself. You can use 7 METs for both the ascent and the rapid toboggan run.

But watch out for refreshments at the alpine hut. Otherwise the fought kilos will immediately settle on the hips again.

Calorie consumption tobogganing per hour:

Man: 560 kcal

Woman: 378 kcal

  1. Skiing

When doing sports in winter, skiing is of course a must. The classic among the sports in white powder snow burns between 4.3 to 8 MET depending on the intensity of the ride. As a hobby winter sports enthusiast, you can use around 5.3 METs.

Calorie consumption skiing per hour:

Man: 424 kcal

Woman: 286.2 kcal

TIP: If you are wondering where you can start skiing in your area, then I have a really cool article for you, because there you will find a ranking of the best ski areas in Europe!

  1. Snowshoeing

The last winter sport is less well known but all the more beautiful when it comes to exploring breathtaking winter scenery. Also as a fat burner, snowshoeing is a great sport in winter and consumes as many calories as skiing or snow shoveling.

On average, you can count on 5.3 MET. With increasing intensity, even up to 10 METs are possible.

Calorie consumption snowshoeing per hour:

Man: 424 kcal

Woman: 286.2 kcal

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