Top 10 Fitness Tips on How to Stay Positive In Quarantine

 Positive In QuarantineFitness expert shared tips for staying healthy in isolation. The main recommendation is to move every hour and eat from small plates. He also offered to hide tempting goodies from himself and learn to evaluate the degree of his hunger.
In these strange times, when for your own health you have to lock yourself in the house and isolate yourself, the temptation is to relax and forget about the regime. Not to notice what and when we eat, what we think we do, writes The Daily Mail.
So fitness expert Joe Warner recommends taking care of your mood first and adding a playful element to your life.
1. Start a special jar for letters to the future: whenever you or a family member wants to do something that cannot be done due to quarantine, write it down on paper and put it in the jar. When the self-isolation regime is removed, you can remember what you wanted in quarantine and set off to fulfill your dreams. Continue reading “Top 10 Fitness Tips on How to Stay Positive In Quarantine”