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Lose weight in the home office? Not so easy when the fridge and candy depot are right next door and the movement is reduced to a minimum. However, in view of the corona pandemic, many people have to work at home – and often also have to look after the next generation.

A real challenge in terms of self-organization, coping with stress and also weight management. Read here how you can still keep your weight in the home office and even lose weight.

Losing weight in the home office: opportunities and risks

Working in the home office is actually a good opportunity to eat healthy and lose weight. Because many of the calorie traps lurking in everyday office life do not exist at home: no high-calorie canteen food, no birthday cake among colleagues, no candy vending machine with delicious temptations that are always available. Instead, you have control over what you eat.

At least in theory. Unfortunately, the practice often looks different. Because working in the home office brings with it completely new challenges. Suddenly the private environment, which is actually associated with the end of the day, family, leisure and relaxation, becomes an official workplace. If you want to be efficient here, you need a lot of self-discipline, organizational talent and the ability to strictly separate work, household and leisure.

But that is exactly what can cause additional stress. And stress often makes you hungry – so why not quickly get a snack out of the fridge? Or sweeten your work with a bar of chocolate? Not a good idea for losing weight in the home office.

Missing movement

In addition to the calorie traps, the lack of exercise hampers weight loss in the home office. The corridors to the copier, the neighboring office, the conference room and last but not least the way to work and back are completely eliminated. Instead, you sit at the desk for eight hours or more.
In view of these challenges, how can you manage to keep your weight in the home office or even reduce it? It’s actually quite simple – with moderate, healthy food and enough exercise.

Eat healthy in the home office

The key to losing weight in the home office is a healthy, varied diet. Use the time at home to cook fresh regularly. Please note the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society:
• Use variety of food (eat varied, mostly vegetable)
• Vegetables and fruits: take 5 (at least three servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit)
• Choose whole grain (for bread, pasta, rice and flour)
• Only supplement with animal foods (no more than 300 to 600 g of meat per week)
• Use healthy fats (e.g. rapeseed oil and spreadable fats made from it)
• Save sugar and salt
• Drink a lot, especially water
• Prepare gently (cook food as long as necessary, as short as possible)
• Eat mindfully (allow breaks, take time for meals)

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