Food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally.

The fact that food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally. If there are ingredients that you can eat and lose, there will be no joy for those on a diet. It is often the case that various ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil, almonds and strawberry are listed as food ingredients with fat burning effect, and fat burning recipes and fat burning soup are introduced.

But unfortunately, there is no food that has a fat burning effect in nutrition.
It’s speculative because it’s not in academic jargon, but it is usually exercised that comes up with the concept of fat burning. By exercising, energy is used, and the energy source is carbohydrate, protein, or lipid.

Therefore, if fat is the energy source, you may be able to say that you can burn fat through exercise.

So if you’re on a diet thinking I want to eat and burn fat!, It may seem a bit detour, but it contains a lot of nutrients that develop muscles that can burn fat I think that conscious consumption of ingredients leads to a more reliable fat burning effect over the long term.

Nutrients that develop muscles that burn fat … Protein and vitamin D
Nutrients that develop muscles are proteins.
For athletes, conscious intake of protein, especially the amino acid and vitamin D are used to build muscle.

It is thought that exercise with intake of these nutrients is effective in improving muscle strength, so people other than athletes should try to be aware of protein and vitamin D. maybe. Considering healthy exercise, calcium (+ vitamin D), which makes bones strong, may also be effective.
However, if you talk more strictly, protein and vitamin D alone will not develop muscle.

In fact, the muscles are also intertwined with various nutrients, so taking a diet that balances nutrition can actually be the most fat-burning diet. Based on this, let me give examples of foods that are conscious of protein and vitamin D.

# Food examples containing a lot of Protein and vitamin D
# Food meat, fish, eggs, yuba, etc. rich in protein. Meat should be less lean.
# Vitamin D-rich foods Sardine dried, round dried, semi-dried, open dried, dried shiitake (sun dried), etc.
# A healthy diet and frequent exercise are the fastest way to burn fat!
Even knowledge based on nutrition may have different aspects of interpretation and usage. As I mentioned at the beginning, fat burning is what comes from exercise.

I don’t think there are many people who get ready for exercise, but for the general public, exercise is not just about wearing sportswear. Changing stations on the way to work,

The movement to go to hand over documents at work is also included in light exercise.

These daily activities are daily, so don’t be angry unless you get a lot of exercise. I think that a healthy diet and moving as often as possible to build muscles will be a fun and long-lasting diet.

It’s a commonly introduced fat-burning meal and fat-burning soup, but in fact there are many things that are close to the image of being treated rather than being able to burn and burn healthy. I feel it. Nonetheless, drinking warm soup has the advantage of warming your body and making it harder to get hurt during exercise.

If you want to use a healthy soup for your diet, it is best not to expect fat burning with the work of the ingredients, but to drink and warm up to warm your body before winter exercise.

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