What is Visceral Fat?

Visceral fat refers to the fat around the visceral area around the belly. Because it is fat that accumulates in the abdominal muscle inside the so-called abdominal cavity, it does not change much in appearance, but it is often found by CT scan of the abdomen.
Causes of visceral fat include lack of exercise, a diet centered on high-calorie ingredients, and overeating and drinking. Visceral fat is easier to burn than subcutaneous fat, so men who have a lot of activity and need a lot of energy tend to get more easily than women.
Difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat | which burns first? Although we know that subcutaneous fat and visceral fat have different properties, we do not fully understand the difference. Continue reading “What is Visceral Fat?”

5 Reasons Why Stomach Fat Is Not Easily Reduced

I exercise regularly and have a balanced diet, but my stomach fat doesn’t get lost. I’m working hard to get a flat and tight stomach … why? In this issue, we will introduce 10 factors that cause a bad stomach diet from the cosmopolitan UK version.
1. Not getting enough sleep
Are you unconsciously wake waking up your body or head by scrolling through SNS or drinking coffee until late at night? As a result, you may not be able to get tired the next day. If you want to lose weight, its a good idea to sleep 7 to 9 hours a night every night.
Lack of sleep can impair hormonal balance and affect how you feel hungry. Your appetite involves two hormones, ghrelin and leptin. The level of vaccinated hormones increases, while the level of leptin (hormone that feels full) decreases, meaning that late nights increase appetite and make you feel full when you eat. When you’re trying to lose weight, try to stay conscious of the things that can cause a night nap, get in bed faster than usual, and sleep better.
2. The training method is wrong
It’s difficult to control sagging with abdominal training, such as abdominal exercises. Belly fat stores energy in the body, so reducing body fat requires whole body exercise.
I’d like to try HIIT training (high intensity interval training) to burn fat and increase heart rate, squats, full body burpy jumps, and sprinting on a treadmill. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Stomach Fat Is Not Easily Reduced”

Main Health Benefits of Almonds during Pregnancy

One of the most common problems during pregnancy is lactose intolerance. Lactose in milk or buffalo milk can be difficult to digest, causing vomiting, loose stool, and abdominal distension. It is a wise decision to avoid drinking milk, but the idea of not drinking morning coffee offends us! The best alternative – almond milk. Badam milk made from dipped skinned almonds is nutritious and easy to use in food preparation. Drinking almond milk during pregnancy benefits both mothers and babies by providing all the important vitamins and minerals needed at that stage. Read on for more amazing facts about almond milk. Continue reading “Main Health Benefits of Almonds during Pregnancy”

The benefits that exercise brings to your health.

Exercise can help reduce health risks and maintain good long-term health. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the benefits of exercise to health far outweigh the risks of injury from exercise. Exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of premature death from heart disease and cancer, regardless of age, race, body type, or physique.
Studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce the risk of various illnesses and health conditions, and can improve overall quality of life (QOL). The long-term health benefits of exercise include: Continue reading “The benefits that exercise brings to your health.”

How to Lose Weight and Improve Well-Being?

It’s easy to understand the reasons for the popularity of diet. It does not impose strict limits on the amount of food, and therefore does not cause severe hunger. And most importantly – it improves not only the figure, but also Lose Weight and well-being.
At the peak of efficiency
If a person wants to lose weight, his main task, according to Barry Sears, is “to get into the health zone.” So the author of the diet calls the state when the body works at the peak of its effectiveness. People who are in the zone are energetic and vigorous, they rarely get sick, and their figure is gradually becoming more toned. Continue reading “How to Lose Weight and Improve Well-Being?”

Food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally.

The fact that food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally. If there are ingredients that you can eat and lose, there will be no joy for those on a diet. It is often the case that various ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil, almonds and strawberry are listed as food ingredients with fat burning effect, and fat burning recipes and fat burning soup are introduced. But unfortunately, there is no food that has a fat burning effect in nutrition.
It’s speculative because it’s not in academic jargon, but it is usually exercised that comes up with the concept of fat burning. By exercising, energy is used, and the energy source is carbohydrate, protein, or lipid. Continue reading “Food with fat burning effect does not exist nutritionally.”

4 knowledge’s of wrong diets that are easy to misunderstand

Incorrect knowledge is counterproductive to dieting. However, you don’t notice wrong knowledge and judgment of right knowledge.
Therefore, here are four pieces of information about wrong diets that are easy to misunderstand. Let’s do the right diet with the right knowledge.
Misunderstanding 1. Don’t eat meat, just eat salad
Some people do not eat meat at all and eat only salad.
If you don’t eat meat, you’ll run out of protein. Then, it is difficult to make muscles and metabolism is decreasing.
Therefore, it is important to take the protein contained in meat, fish, and eggs in a moderate amount. Let’s aim for a well-balanced meal without eating only salad.
Misunderstanding 2. Reduce the amount of food = thin is a mistake
If you reduce the amount of meals, you will get more stress and may lead to diet failure. Let’s be conscious of changing how to eat
For example, refrain from eating after 20:00 so that the body clock is not disturbed. Chew slowly and eat to feel a lot of satisfaction. To raise your basal metabolism, let’s change the way of eating, such as taking moderate amounts of water. Continue reading “4 knowledge’s of wrong diets that are easy to misunderstand”

What Are The Characteristics And Reasons For People Who Can’t Lose Weight?

Even though I’m doing my best, I can’t really lose weight! There is something like that. Maybe your diet law is wrong? This time, we will explain from the cause and reason of the person who does not lose weight to the misunderstanding that the person who does not lose weight easily falls. Furthermore, we will give a thorough lecture on tips for successful dieting.
Why can’t I lose weight even if I work hard on a diet?
Characteristics and reasons for people who cannot lose weight
Have you ever experienced that dieting has failed, saying, “I can’t lose weight even though I’ve been working hard”?
In fact, there are common reasons and characteristics for people who have failed dieting.
Therefore, this time, I will explain the characteristics of the people who cannot lose weight, the reasons, and the wrong diet knowledge and the tips to lose weight. Where is the reason why you can’t lose weight despite your hard work? Continue reading “What Are The Characteristics And Reasons For People Who Can’t Lose Weight?”

7 Tips for People Who Don’t Lose Weight to Succeed In Dieting

Diet has tips to get closer to success, but in today’s too much information, you don’t know what’s right or wrong.
So here are seven tips for successful dieting. Find the right tips and make your diet a success.
Tips for Success 1. Devise a way to enjoy a diet
In order to continue dieting for a long time, it is necessary to devise measures to prevent getting tired of dieting. Let’s enjoy dieting regardless of gender.
It would be good to prepare rewards for yourself who worked hard, such as “If you do your best on a diet today, do it!”.
Maintaining high motivation is a shortcut to a successful diet. Continue reading “7 Tips for People Who Don’t Lose Weight to Succeed In Dieting”

Hungry body! Is it visceral fat? Subcutaneous fat?

If your stomach is pushed forward, you will not only worry about yourself, but also have a reputation from women. In addition, such body types have excessive visceral fat and are at serious risk. How can I become slim?
What is visceral fat?
Visceral fat is accumulated in the body type that the stomach is stiff. Because fat concentrates mainly on the upper body, it is also called the apple body shape. As seen in women, the overwhelming majority are men.
If the abdominal circumference on an empty stomach is 85 cm or more for men and 90 cm or more for women, visceral fat may be excessive. So-called obese body.
Visceral fat adheres to the mesentery in the stomach. The original role is to keep the internal organs in the correct position and protect them from external impacts. In addition, there is a function to temporarily store excess energy in visceral fat. Continue reading “Hungry body! Is it visceral fat? Subcutaneous fat?”