How to Lose Weight Teenager?

 lose weight teenagerAdolescence is one of the most sensitive periods in life, so overweight can seem like a disaster to a teenager. Fullness in adolescence can provoke attacks from peers, lead to conflict in school and cause low self-esteem, not only for girls but also for boys. Therefore, many children 10-15 years old want to know the answer to the question: How to lose weight for a teenager?

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Problems of a psycho emotional nature are far from the only harm that extra pounds do. Being overweight is also dangerous because it provokes a number of diseases: it increases the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellifluous, etc. And with obesity, the musculature system also suffers, diseases of the liver and pancreas can develop, and other disorders in the body’s functioning can occur.

How to lose weight teenager?

Concerned about the problems of excess weight, young people usually turn to the Internet, where they are looking for a diet for a teenager that will help you lose weight quickly: in a week, well, in extreme cases, in two weeks. But an Internet search on the topic How to lose weight for a teenager will not tell you how to really get rid of excess weight.

The human body is a complex system in which many mechanisms are involved and various relationships work. And there is no such diet for teenager that would be universal for everyone. In each case, an individual approach and an individual diet are needed.

You can find a diet called How to lose weight quickly for a teenager or read the tips How to lose weight for a girl teenager 13 years old or How to lose weight for a teenager boy 14 years old. But the results of applying the result are likely to disappoint.

The issue of losing weight should be taken seriously, and the first step should be to determine whether the weight is really above the norm or is it a game of imagination?

Weight Standards for Teens

The weight and height of children in their teens can fluctuate significantly. Nevertheless, there are generally accepted norms of weight for girls and boys, which may be a certain guideline.

Weight teenagers from 11 to 17 years

But even if the weight does not fit into these standards, you should not independently prescribe a diet for weight loss. Only a doctor can confirm or deny the presence of excess weight!

Causes of Overweight in Teens

Most often, the cause of the appearance of extra pounds at a young age is an imbalance in the intake and consumption of calories. If we get more calories than we spend, excess is stored as fat. The main reason for this caloric imbalance in malnutrition.

Provoke the appearance of extra pounds can:

Health problems, such as endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders;

  • Psychological factors;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Excess food.

 Therefore, before looking for a diet for a teenager that will help you lose weight quickly, you need to visit a doctor’s dietitian consultation, find out the cause of excess weight, exclude the presence of other pathologist that could provoke extra pounds, if necessary, undergo an additional examination and only after that proceed to the diet phase.

At Diet Center, for each teenager, as well as for an adult, an individual diet is developed. The dietitian will collect the necessary information, make the necessary measurements and weightings, and if necessary, prescribe additional tests, diagnose body composition and analyze its results.

Diagnosis of body composition allows you to determine what should be the healthy weight of a teenager, the amount of fat and muscle mass, total water in the body, body mass index, metabolic rate and other important indicators for safe and effective weight loss.

And only after that a special menu for slimming a teenager will be developed. A detailed menu for weight loss is compiled for every week, for every day, for every meal, indicating a specific dish, method of preparation, quantity and schedule of meals.

In the process of weight loss, the doctor will conduct additional diagnostics to assess the dynamics of changes in the body. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and adjust the process of diet therapy. Very important when losing weight is the control of certain parameters. Weight loss should be within the physiological norms for this particular teenager, occur due to adipose rather than muscle tissue, in order to prevent excessive weight loss, hormonal disorders and other health problems that are possible with independent weight loss.

What should be a diet for weight loss for teenager?

10-16 years – the age when the body is actively changing and growing, hormonal changes occur, changes in metabolism. A diet for a teenager must necessarily take this into account and provide the body with all the necessary building materials and nutrients.

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