Weight Loss: 6 Reasons

You eat everything you like, move a little and lose weight steadily. Good? Not really. Sudden weight loss can be a sign of a serious illness.

Weight fluctuations of 1–2 kilograms are normal. But if you have lost more than 5% of your initial mass, and this cannot be explained in any way by changes in your diet and lifestyle, you should be wary and undergo a medical examination. Continue reading “Weight Loss: 6 Reasons”

Is Red Meat So Dangerous?

red meat

Fourteen experts from Canada, the USA, Great Britain, South Korea, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and Poland developed dietary recommendations for eating red meat and its processed products.

To do this, scientists conducted four systematic reviews of data on the possible impact of red meat and products from it on the development of cancer, stroke, myocardial infarction and type 2 diabetes.

Continue reading “Is Red Meat So Dangerous?”

Tummy Fat Science

There are countless ways to get tummy fat. Various from diet medicines that reduce cortical levels to the latest muscle training. However, there is nothing scientifically proven that both diet and exercise have the effect of aiming and reducing only the fat around the abdomen, leaving high-quality fat that will provide an appropriate cushion for the bones.

There are brown and white fats, and their roles are different from heaven and earth. Continue reading “Tummy Fat Science”

Recommended for those who want to start an exercise

There are many people who originally like to move their bodies by exercise and want to move their bodies for health. There may be many people who want to start something in the fall that is comfortable to move their bodies. However, it is quite difficult to create time to exercise from daily life such as work and housework.

Therefore, we recommend walking. There are many scenes of walking in your life. If you can change it to exercise instead of just walking, you can increase the amount of exercise in your current life. Continue reading “Recommended for those who want to start an exercise”

How to Lose Weight Teenager?

 lose weight teenagerAdolescence is one of the most sensitive periods in life, so overweight can seem like a disaster to a teenager. Fullness in adolescence can provoke attacks from peers, lead to conflict in school and cause low self-esteem, not only for girls but also for boys. Therefore, many children 10-15 years old want to know the answer to the question: How to lose weight for a teenager?

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Problems of a psycho emotional nature are far from the only harm that extra pounds do. Being overweight is also dangerous because it provokes a number of diseases: it increases the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellifluous, etc. And with obesity, the musculature system also suffers, diseases of the liver and pancreas can develop, and other disorders in the body’s functioning can occur. Continue reading “How to Lose Weight Teenager?”

How to Lose Weight At Home

Lose weightThe very idea of ​​how to lose weight at home evokes sad memories on many of us. They tried, and more than once, right? And how can you lose weight when you like to cook and every day you try to feed your family something tasty, if you can’t refuse the traditional evening family tea party with a delicious pie or delicious pancakes? Since we cannot defeat our craving for fine goodies, then we will try to act differently we will outwit our body.

So, let’s start, perhaps, with seemingly simple, long-known to all, but at the same time useful and practical tips that can provide tangible help to everyone who wants to lose weight at home. Continue reading “How to Lose Weight At Home”

Rules of Carbohydrate Rotation for Health

To get rid of excess fluid and achieve greater relief of the muscles of the press, a week before the performances, athletes sit on a special diet based on the carbohydrate alternation method.
Its main advantage is the quick achievement of results: if you combine it with training, you can lose up to 2-3 kg per week.
Carbohydrate Alternation Rules
On low carb days, the body spends carbohydrate (glycogen) reserves in the liver – the number one fuel for the human body, after which it switches to the number two fuel – subcutaneous fat. Continue reading “Rules of Carbohydrate Rotation for Health”

How to Experience Health of Women

Weight LossThe well-being and health of women directly depends on the balance of hormones, and primarily the sex hormones estrogen. From the age of 30, their production decreases by 1-3% per year, by the age of 45, the synthesis of their own hormones by the ovaries is already reduced by 20%, and later it stops and the function of the ovaries is turned off. It is at this age that many women face such a manifestation of estrogen deficiency as menopause.
Where does it all begin?
Already at the age of 45-47, most women experience changes in the menstrual cycle – menstruation becomes shorter and leaner, and the gap between them, on the contrary, lengthens to 60 days or more. Continue reading “How to Experience Health of Women”

Succeeded In -6kg By Postpartum Diet!

There are many ways to start a diet to restore a slack body shape after birth. But it’s hard to continue until you get a result or keep it. This time, we will introduce the idea of Whammy who succeeded in -6kg postpartum diet in one year.

Diet who challenged postpartum diet. We practiced dietary management, light muscle training and daily stretching, and succeeded in losing weight -6kg and body fat -11% in one year. In addition, the lifestyle rhythm was changed to the morning style, and the evening meal was finished by about 18:00. I continue dieting at my own pace so that I can keep my body shape. Continue reading “Succeeded In -6kg By Postpartum Diet!”

Aiming For a Sharp Body

Aiming For a Sharp Body it seems that an increasing number of people are practicing diets that are conscious of ingredients and how to eat and that can be eaten. This time, we will introduce a meal method that two children’s succeeded in -16kg.

Diet succeeded in a postpartum diet of about -16kg from a weight of 72kg. Aiming for a supple and supple body with the awareness of being able to eat. After achieving a significant weight loss, he was able to feel mental changes such as lightening the mind and body, reducing stress and making it less frustrating. Continue reading “Aiming For a Sharp Body”