So Every Woman Can Define Her Body

Do you want to know how you as a woman can define your body and what is the difference for men? Here you get a short overview! Sometimes nature is unfair.

While she has built up the connective tissue of men like a lattice and even a small tummy looks taut, the collagen strands in women lie linearly next to each other. They offer significantly less strength, which is also very practical in the case of pregnancy.

This allows the tissue to stretch more easily. But if you are not pregnant right now, this device only brings disadvantages. The connective tissue gives significantly less support and the fat cells that lie underneath are pushed out between the strands. The result is the hated cellulite against which no herb has grown.

For cellulite and for a firm body

But not only in the stomach and on the thighs, even on the upper arms, on the breasts and on the calves, small fat cells can provide a shapeless appearance. Some women manage to lose weight and reduce body fat – but the body is not tight by that.

In the worst case, the skinny fat effect arises . This happens when the body breaks down not only fat, but also muscle mass during a diet . Radical diets are unhealthy and starve the body. No wonder the dreaded yo-yo effect arises.
• But you can also lose weight, give the body all the necessary nutrients and shape it in the desired way!
• There is a way to tone up the body and define its shape: breaking down fat and building muscle.

How can you break down fat and build muscle?

There are numerous rumors circulating in the net regarding fat loss and muscle growth. Sometimes it is even said that both would not work at the same time, which is not true. Basically, the whole thing is even simplistic, if you stick to some basic rules: Reduce the calorie intake – best lasting and rather low, through a diet change and not temporarily through a diet.
• Through targeted strength training to build the muscles and thereby give the body the desired shape.
• Add all the nutrients and proteins to the body so it will only lose fat but not muscle mass.

If you want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time, proteins must be added to the body in the perfect composition. The easiest way to do this is with a protein shake especially for women .

Proteins and essential amino acids are extremely important to the body, it is its basic building blocks. All life is based on proteins (as well as minerals and vitamins), without them nothing works. With a targeted intake of proteins and a healthy dose of carbohydrates and healthy fats, you can specifically control certain processes such as muscle growth.

Unintentional muscle mountains through shakes?

Unfortunately, many women still believe that protein shakes are only suitable for men and would cause them to grow unwanted muscle. Do not worry, ladies, that will not happen for sure. Women have significantly less testosterone in the blood than men and therefore have a hard time with muscle building).
Protein shakes help to achieve the goals set for three reasons:
• They prevent by their saturation effect hunger attacks.
• They protect the muscles from breaking down.
• Protein shakes can be prepared quickly and taken to work, as a reasonably healthy snack .

By eliminating excess calories and unhealthy foods during a diet, targeted protein intake directly feeds the muscles. This makes it possible to lose weight and become more muscular at the same time.

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