How to Fast weight loss

Fast weight loss is basically easy, the only question is whether you want to burn fat or lose muscle and water. Everything has an effect on the scale. But most people will depend on burning fat, they do not want to lose muscle or water and keep their fat. Incidentally, if you have a muscular body, the basal metabolic rate of body kilocalories is higher, meaning that the muscular body uses more energy at rest than a body with less muscle mass.
The magic formula is thus: muscle building and a good diet. Although this does not necessarily have any effect on the scale, in the sense that it shows less weight (muscles are heavier than fat) but you notice it on the body.

He gets good proportions, looks sportier and slimmer. With short-term diets that focus on just a little food and maybe even a particular food in focus, this will not work so well and, above all, will not last long. In order to keep his metabolism permanently on the go, sport is indispensable.
For most people, a change in diet is probably useful: plenty of vegetables, not every day meat (also for the sake of the environment), drink plenty of water, take little sugar, in the phase of muscle building possibly more protein than usual. Fat is not as bad as it has long been thought, many vitamins can absorb the body only by the addition of fat. It does not hurt to go hungry, make a crash diet, and always move around the world with a grumbling belly that only promotes muscle breakdown and bad mood. Preferably eat enough with a balanced diet, eat enough vitamins and develop a healthy body sensation with sports / strength training.
The fat killer among the food is unfortunately not – would be too nice. In my opinion, you do not need a nutrition plan, but if you would like to have one, you should get help from someone who really knows. There are enough good nutritionists.

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