Get Rid Of Belly Fat – How It Works!

loss weightMany readers come here with the desire to get rid of belly fat. Losing weight effectively and quickly Yes, but actually getting rid of belly fat is important to many people. Why on the stomach? Because excess kilos usually land here first and should be attacked here for aesthetic or health reasons.

When I read some great reviews for various sports equipment, nutrients and healthy foods on the health-in-life page , the basic idea for this post was born. Learn valuable tips today on how to get fat especially on the stomach, and it also stays away.

Get rid of belly fat – is that possible?

To fall directly into the house with the door: Yes, it is possible to lose fat specifically on the stomach. However, this term is very elastic and for different readers the term  get rid of belly fat has different meanings:
• Are you a little overweight and want to lose body fat altogether?
• Are you a fitness enthusiast and you want to lose the few kilograms to your ideal lean weight?

Or are you neither of them and just bothering about your muffin edges, and you want to reduce them a bit?
No matter which destination has brought you here: it is possible, and I’ll show you now how it’s done.

The following tips on how to get rid of belly fat is a bit of biochemistry combined with a lot of practical knowledge. It is a mixture of sports, a little healthy diet, as well as targeted interventions for local fat burning on the stomach. Studies have shown that in certain circumstances fat can be burned at certain parts of the body. Sober sport plays an important role here.

Get rid of belly fat – The best tips for the immediate start

I want to show you my five best tips and ways to get rid of belly fat. All these paths have proven themselves, are scientifically sound and are effective on their own. You are welcome to implement and combine several of these ways. One alone is good, two better, three enormous.

How much of it you have to implement, I’m not writing to you – find out what you like the most and … very important … what you can also implement longer term.

The best tips will not help if you can not implement them in the longer term. From day to tomorrow the six-pack will not come, a little effort is needed. But the effort will be rewarded.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is our first and a very effective way to specifically get rid of belly fat. This means integrating fasting processes into everyday life. From 12-16 hours eat nothing) begin in the body fasting processes that increase the burning of fat enormously and hormone some change.

To use this for you, I recommend you to keep a daily fasting window of 16-18 hours. This means that you eat in a window of 6-8 hours, and nothing for the rest of the day.

Very popular and well feasible is to skip breakfast and have lunch before lunch. If you had a dinner at 6pm-8pm, and you have lunch around 12pm, then it’s automatically a 16-18 hour fasting window.

Thanks to intermittent fasting, fat burning is greatly increased, growth hormone (hGH) is released, tapped fat reserves on the abdomen and your mitochondria strengthened.

The conversion is not easy for everyone, but most get along well after a few days of getting used to it. You do not have to change that from one day to the next, but you can boost yourself a bit every day:

First breakfast at 7, then at 8, then at 9, then maybe not and with a snack at 10, and you’re automatically at lunch at 12 noon – without breakfast.

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