With Easy Detoxification Yoga to the Dream Figure

With Easy Detoxification Yoga to the Dream Figure Finally closing time! Would you rather have something to eat instead of training on the stepper? Yoga expert Kate Hall, wife of fitness coach helps prevent these daily habits!

And thus pleads for a better body feeling with sports and healthy nutrition:
Easy Detoxification Yoga is a blend of yoga, relaxation techniques and meditation. Plus: a digestible, light food.

Detoxification is a combination of powerful yoga exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation – for your physical and mental well-being. In this cure, the intestines are Detoxification: This can be done by basic foods such as cucumbers, mushrooms or parsnips. You should refrain on dairy products, alcohol, salt and coffee.

I’m very passionate about health, says Kate Hall. If you like raw food, you can prevent allergies. Grains such as amaranth, buckwheat, millet or quinoa are ideal for Detoxification.

Change Nourishment They are gluten-free and reduce cravings for carbohydrates. A little tip: An omega-3 powerhouse is linseed oil (in the health food store). Add two tablespoons of it to the smoothie! Healthier than a serving of fish – and the pounds tumble!

Yoga – An All rounder

Body and mind are reconciled in yoga. The best way to do this is with asanas, the quiescent positions in yoga: in the lotus position, for example, the right foot lies on the left thigh and vice versa.

An exercise for the neck: hip-width on a chair, back is straight. Right hand reaches under the chair, head lower to the left, neck stretch. Left hand touches the right ear – hold.

Tasty Bite For The Skin

The papaya mask is great for relaxation: puree the fruit, apply it, let it soak in for about 15 minutes and rinse off – refreshing! Adults should drink about 35 ml of water per kilo of body weight daily – works wonderfully purifying!
Do not underestimate the power of thought! Brooding over anger only brings you worry lines and blinds you to beautiful things!

What Does Detoxification Mean?

The term Detoxification is currently on everyone’s lips. Behind it is nothing but Detoxification the body or Detoxification. This is achieved, for example, by identification with the help of certain foods, the avoidance of stress and a lot of exercise. The total ratio of bases and acids in the human body is 20: 1. It shows how important protection from acids is. In addition, dietary supplements can bring the acid-base balance back into balance.

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