Exercises For a Strong Belly & Beautiful Legs

Exercises the abdomen to prevent back pain? What sounds contradictory can be explained simply: Only in the interaction of abdominal and back muscles, a healthy, upright posture is possible, said the sports physician Alexander Lorenz. Shows you strengthening exercises that can be easily done at home.

Young woman makes forearm support
Forearm support, also called Elbow plank, is a stabilization exercise and strengthens both the abdominal muscles and the back.

Dynamic Crunch – For the Snails Belly Muscles
Starting position: Supine, the lower back should be in contact with the ground. Then lift your legs so that your feet are facing the ceiling. The legs are spread about hip-width, the toes are drawn to the body.

Procedure: Roll up the upper back to the scapula tips. The left hand stretched in the direction of the right foot. Roll back until the shoulder touches the ground again. The head is not dropped. This is followed by re-rolling up to the scapula tips and the right hand is stretched in the direction of the left foot. Then unroll.

Under Arm Support – For the Entire Body Muscular
Starting position: prone position, the forearms are stored. The elbow joints should be placed at a 90 ° angle below the shoulder joints, feet are hip-width apart. The head is in extension of the spine, the view goes straight down to the ground.

Implementation: Put on feet and raise buttocks to the level of the shoulders. The whole body is tense. In particular, the middle of the body and the butt give stability and thus support the natural lumbar vertebrae position. Never let the Po sag. If it gets too heavy, raise your butt slightly higher.

Widen Tips – For The Side Belly Muscles
Starting position: supine position, put feet up. While the heels remain on the ground, one pulls the toes to the body.
Procedure: Roll up the upper back to the scapula tips and stay in this position. From here, tap the right calf alternately with your right hand, then tap the left calf with your left hand. The shoulders move on the same level from right to left.

Strength In Sitting – For The Lower Belly Muscles
Starting position: Sit comfortably on the front edge of a chair, place your forearms on the table top. The legs are set up, with the knee showing a 90 ° angle.

Implementation: Press firmly on the table top with the forearms until a tension in the abdomen is felt. With maximum forearm pressure, lift your feet slightly off the ground and hold them up.

Cycling – For The Straight Belly Muscles
Starting position: Supine, the arms are placed loosely next to the body, the palms face down. Lift legs, hip and knee joint are at a 90 ° angle. The head is filed.

Implementation: In a dynamic change, stretch the right and left legs forward. The flatter the legs hover above the ground, the more intense the exercise becomes. If the head and shoulders are raised slightly during this time, the exercise will be further intensified.

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