The 10 Most Important Weight Loss Tips

 Weight Loss TipsLosing weight is no picnic. We have summarized the most important principles of a conscious diet here

  1. Eat when hungry

Many diets are based on keeping the calorie count as low as possible. This leads in the long run to a bad mood, can trigger food attacks and thus to failure with a big bang. It is better if you always pay close attention to whether you are really hungry and only eat.

If you feel hungry for control, do the following: Drink a glass of water first. Then set the timer of your mobile phone to 10 minutes.

During this time, you will continue your normal activity. In many cases, after the passage of time will be forgotten, because usually the blood sugar level has now returned to normal. If not, you know now exactly what it really wants you. And then you can give in with a clear conscience (except if it’s a whole pie).

  1. Do not renounce anything

If you get a big junk on a very specific piece of chocolate, then no banana, no apple and no peach will help. It must be this piece of chocolate then. But leave it in one piece, because no Jieper is as big as a whole table.

  1. Exceptions confirm the rule

Over time, celebrations, dinner invitations and restaurant visits will come to you again and again. Of course, you should not sip on a glass of water all night or just stir your cup of coffee and cake with sadness. All this only stirs cravings and displeasure.

Of course it will be difficult if you are invited every weekend, but from time to time you can treat yourself to something. Just add an extra training session the day after to burn the extra calories. There is also a good and a bad choice at every buffet or on every menu. With your new knowledge about food, you can judge the matter well and of course realize that the pie is better than the piece of butter cream cake.

  1. Take time for food

How many times have you heard this? And yet, as you pass by, you quickly eat a pretzel from the bakery, spoon down the chocolate pudding in front of your computer, or take a whole meal while you go shopping.

All of this has several drawbacks: If the body does not clearly get the signal that a meal is due now, then he stores this information only half-heatedly. And you will soon be hungry or appetite again. No matter how many calories are in the stomach, it does not fill you up quickly. Because the satiety begins only after 15 to 20 minutes. Also, food is something really nice. But you have to take your time and celebrate your meal.

  1. Eat versatile

Unilateral diet is always bad, whether healthy or not. This is true even for very healthy foods such as kale. Nourish yourself exclusively, there are serious shortcomings, because there is no such thing as a perfect food – except perhaps from the mother’s milk, which we exclude here but now.

Therefore, choose from all food groups a varied diet. A good indication is the colors of the food, because the wise point to the health booster contained.

  1. Prefer vegetable protein

The health benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet are well known, but always make sure you get enough protein, such as legumes.

  1. Always drink enough water

Drinking too little can lead to decreased performance and tiredness. That’s why you should regularly drink enough liquid throughout the day in order to complete your personal dream figure project healthy and fit. A guideline is 30 to 35 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight per day – for a woman weighing 60 kilos, for example, 1.8 to 2.1 liters. In sports, warmth or physical exertion, however, you should raise this value slightly.

And of course, you should avoid all sugary drinks (including juices) as well as those with sugar substitutes (light drinks), as the latter can cause food cravings.

  1. Fire your metabolism

Spices and some foods are right metabolism boosters. Incorporate as many as possible into your meals, they are like the oil for the running engine. But again, of course, nothing works without movement.

  1. Stay clean

No one needs additives and they can harm the body, even if you do not notice it at first. Therefore, do not eat anything that has more than 5 ingredients on the list of ingredients – or a substance that you can not pronounce (or that your grandmother did not know yet).

  1. Take small steps and give yourself time

Nothing works overnight. No one can change that for years straight away. Remember, your body is just human, giving up very quickly when it feels overwhelming. It’s best to have just one change per week. In slow steps, you are best at turning your life around – and above all, with long-term success.

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