How can a Teenager Get Fit?

fitnessIn the decade of the 20s bad habits acquired in adolescence have been weighed down because the perception of one’s health is still good. There is a bad habit of consuming fast food , with many calories and very few interesting nutrients, causing overweight problems , explains Felipe Isidro, coordinator of the Study Group of Physical Exercise and Obesity of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity. According to this expert, in Spain, at these ages, there is a high prevalence of overweight (up to more than 10 kg over the ideal weight), and this condition will lead to obesity if no remedy is applied.

The social environment at these ages (studies, entry into the workplace and having a partner) means that the practice of physical exercise is not prioritized. And when it is practiced it is more sport, like football or paddle, which exercises as such.

From 20 to 50 years the main complaint of patients with excess weight is the lack of time, both for physical exercise and to plan meals.

What to do? You have to change the lifestyle. It is not about eating less, but trying to eat better. In the same way, we should not move more, but do it better. In short, does it effectively.

The expert in Nutrition opens the age range and gives the following guidelines on the recommended exercise from 20 to 50 years: The indications are going to be very variable depending on our physical condition, the presence or not of injuries and the preferences and tastes of each person. In this sense, the key to achieving an effective weight loss is the regularity and the progressive increase in the intensity or duration of the exercise. A false belief is to think that by performing exactly the same type of exercise we will maintain a progressive loss of weight.

De Luna details that as the physical condition improves, the training must be adapted to achieve the goal of body composition. We will review what the actual time we have to exercise is and if, in addition, we can do it in company or complement it with another activity over the weekend. Group activities are a good way to enjoy our free time. All this must be accompanied by an active daily life.

At the age of 30, there is a health concern because some signs of aging begin (such as wrinkles or hair loss). Isidro mentions that the positive thing is that people are becoming aware of the need to take care of themselves. Precisely for that reason there is less prevalence of obesity in this stage of life. On the other hand, habits that do not change at this stage will cost much to modify in the future.

Nutritionally, the main advice is to get away from fast food or junk and consume natural products instead of processed ones. You have to eat more protein, eating more white meat and lean (without fat), milk, blue fish and eggs.

At 30 starts the loss of muscle mass smoothly, is reducing strength. As an addition, begins to appear in women. Hence the importance of starting physical exercise leaving the sport little by little. Compulsively they have to practice exercises that work the strength of the muscle mass, such as squats, strides and thrusts (or push-ups) against the wall and the floor.

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