When Losing Weight Counts the Calorie Balance

 Losing WeightWhen losing weight, we often wonder why our body does not work as it should. Only we are not machines. Everybody is a bit different.

Also in terms of nutrition, we not only have different preferences, but also – and this is very important – a different basic and performance. Never heard? Then it’s high time, because who does not know his performance, it will have a hard time losing weight (and also on the increase).

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Does Body Fat Really Make You Fatty?

Does Fat Really Make You FattyBody fat and fats as nutrients are not the same and the latter are not responsible for the former. Nevertheless, fat is the most energetic nutrient.

On the one hand, this provides a lot of power – but with excessive enjoyment and the wrong composition of the fats, it can also lead to bacon loops.

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Why Is Protein So Good For Weight Loss?

Weight LossAthletes in particular often pay attention to a protein-rich diet and weight loss. They also have to, because proteins are the fuel for their muscles.

Proteins – or proteins – are the basic building blocks of the body and are used to repair damaged or to build new cell structures – for example, after training in muscle tissue.

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Fitness Tips after 50 years old

Fitness Tips for olderThe energy necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the body is gradually reduced from 50 years old. The body composition changes and metabolic needs are reduced, being necessary to adjust the calorie consumption to energy expenditure.

At these ages many men have already accumulated visceral fat in the abdomen area. This type of fat results in an increase in cardiovascular risk. The good thing is that it is the first thing that responds with a nutritional change and physical exercise. Continue reading “Fitness Tips after 50 years old”

How much time do I need to get fit?

fitnessPatience is the words that must be present every person who wants to get fit. Here, fast and easy roads do not exist and, in addition, they are counterproductive.

To achieve a good state of form and maintain it is essential constancy and dedication.

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How can a Teenager Get Fit?

fitnessHow can a Teenager Get Fit? In the decade of the 20s bad habits acquired in adolescence have been weighed down because the perception of one’s health is still good.

There is a bad habit of consuming fast food , with many calories and very few interesting nutrients, causing overweight problems , explains Felipe Isidro, coordinator of the Study Group of Physical Exercise and Obesity of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity.

According to this expert, in Spain, at these ages, there is a high prevalence of overweight (up to more than 10 kg over the ideal weight), and this condition will lead to obesity if no remedy is applied.

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