The 7 Rules of A Fitness and Healthy Woman

Healthy WomanToday I bring you an extra post with the Fit Council of the week, where I expose very clearly and easily the 7 rules of a fitness and healthy woman.

However, before launching, I want to tell you that almost every day I receive messages in which you explain to me that you want to be thinner, when in reality what you want is to be more fitness and have more sporting forms. Where is the confusion? Well, the confusion is that many of you still and taking very restrictive diets and low in nutrients (error), you still see that you have a layer of fat that does not let you see your abdominal (for example) and for this reason, you follow thinking that you should lose more weight. But it’s not about losing weight, it’s about reducing fat while maintaining or improving muscle mass. For this, you must follow these 7 rules of the fitness woman:

Forget having to go to the gym every day and be all the hours of the world doing directed classes. Yes, I was also one of those who arrived at 5 in the afternoon to the gym and until 9 or 10 at night did not arrive home.

To begin to shape your body and improve muscle mass I advise you to train with weights because they help you reduce fat up to 48 hours after exercise and after finishing your workouts do a little cardio. Once or twice a week I recommend a cardio. This combination of training will not take you much more than an hour and is a much more efficient way to reduce fat than long sustained cardio sessions to burn fat.

Do not count the calories.

You just have to take a diet and fitness blog fitness, clean with the nutrients you need in your day to day and spread at the right time of intake. I will never tire of saying it, when dieting (synonymous with balanced nutrition), you should not go hungry and in addition, the objectives should be marked in the medium and long term. These rules are so basic that you can achieve your goals in a healthy way and also keep it over time. To make a diet is to learn to eat, to nourish yourself and adapt those new habits to your day to day life.

Eat up to seven times a day.

The people around me, my friends, acquaintances, companions, tell me that as much and it’s true, as a lot of quantity, but above all many times a day. Every time I leave home, I carry huge bags because I always carry food on top so I do not feel hungry and can eat every three hours. This intake is important every 3 or 4 hours to keep our metabolism active (burn more calories), maintain blood glucose and thus not get to the next famished food and eat anything and in any way. This also prevents our metabolism from accumulating food as fat. The reason is that he ‘knows’ that in three hours he will receive more food, and that it is not necessary to store just in case there were no nutrients.

Sleep and rest.

You must sleep at least eight hours a day each day to rest and recover properly. To fall asleep more easily, one hour before going to sleep, stop looking at your cell phone, and read or watch television with the lower or dimmed room lights. You will see how to conciliate the dream more easily.

Repeat these tips every day until you make them into your routine and your way of life.

Ask a professional for advice.

When diets are very restrictive and low in calories and / or are followed without training, you end up losing muscle mass, curves, and above all, our immune system can be compromised. It also changes our mood, our mood, performance, concentration, and everything simply because we have not correctly raised our objectives, our training and nutrition plan.

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