These 13  weight loss advice will help you make healthy habits

weight loss guideTips for weight loss differ from the scientific statistics of dubious fashion. So, if you do one thing this year, proceed with caution when receiving free advice from social networks. Those calorie comparison accounts that offer a generalized evaluation of food? They often do not take into account how the calorie count varies enormously between brands.

Our advice? First, verify that your source is trained to distribute tips to lose weight. Then, investigate your background, not your numbers: the size of an instagram user is not a definitive marker of experience.

But first, why lose weight? “Most people who need to lose weight can get health benefits by losing even a small amount, about 5%, of their weight if they do not,” says the nhs. The reason is this: when you are in the category of overweight or Obese you risk having type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more

There are many ways to exercise if you need to lose weight. Historically, this was done using bmi. However, this is now outdated. Much better is to use a sound method to measure your body fat

Then follow the advice of the nhs: “the best way to lose weight is to make small, realistic changes in your diet and your level of physical activity.”

  1. Yoga

In addition to helping you relax, yoga is an effective tool to lose weight. This is what a study says in the journal of physical activity & health.

  1. Copper

The higher the copper levels in the food, the more fat will be metabolized. Only a handful of shiitake mushrooms and cashews will reach their rda of 1.2 mg.

  1. Get a goal

If you can relate your motive to work with a particular life goal, such as losing weight for your wedding, you are more likely to stick to it, says a study from the university of colorado.

  1. Destruction

Stress can undo all your hard work and abstinence by increasing intestinal inflammation. This cushions the hormone leptin, which controls weight, regardless of what you are eating. Research from the ohio state university.

  1. Mini-meals

One of the best tips to lose weight? Nom more. If you eat less and often you are likely to have a lower bmi, since your food choices are generally healthier, with fewer calories per bite, according to research from the british journal of nutrition.


“reducing the amount of dairy products you consume can tell your body to produce more fat cells,” he says, “when you do not have enough calcium in your body while trying to cling to what’s there.” this triggers the release of a compound called calcitriol, which increases the production of fat cells. ” a study in the american journal of clinical nutrition.

  1. Lifestyle

Those who see exercise as part of their lifestyle, rather than a way to change their appearance, are more successful at maintaining weight. A study in nutrition and metabolism.

  1. Flexibility

Ignore the strict guidelines. People with a flexible approach to eating had a better track record of maintaining weight loss. A study published in the international journal of obesity.

  1. “i do not”

Saying ‘no, no’, instead of ‘i can not’, will give you the property. By saying, “i can not,” it suggests that something is out of your control. If you feel more empowered, you are more likely to stick to it, according to the american dietetic association.

  1. Alcohol

A suggestion of weight loss not surprising, but suitable for dry January.

The swiss researchers gave 8 participants the alcohol equivalent of five beers; they discovered that alcohol slowed the participant’s ability to burn fat by 36%. Double hit, your body begins to make fat called acetyl as an alcohol waste product.

  1. Water

Use water to burn fat! Simply holding a bottle of water while running can help you change a few extra kilos. A study conducted by Stanford university found that holding a bottle of cold water maintained a lower core temperature, which increased resistance.

  1. Breakfast

“not having breakfast can reduce your metabolic rate by 10%,” according to sports nutritionist and dietitian Leslie bonci.

  1. Morning training

The Weight loss is almost impossible to sustain without exercise. Studies have shown that athletes who exercise in the morning increase their metabolism more and burn more calories during the day than those who exercise at the end of the day.

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