How To Lose Weight Naturally, Safely And Without Diets?

lose weight naturallyEvery person wants that to look beautiful, normalize weight and adjust the figure.

For the reason, most of the people take fat burners and other chemical poison. Which is very harmful to health. In this article, I will show you How can lose weight naturally, safely and without diets

First: Many women do not need to lose weight at all! There are women who have normal weight, but they do not know about it and want to lose weight.

Each person has a different weight norm, which depends on the constitution physique, broad bone, the predominance of vagotonic influences or conversely, asthenic physique, thin bone, the predominance of sympathoadrenal nerve influences, the middle between these two extremes From growth. It is important to determine your normal weight. This can be done by a doctor using special formulas. Excessive leanness is no less harmful than fullness. The organs of the body must be surrounded by fat tissue for normal functioning. And yet in my opinion as a man – I personally like women with rounded forms- Rounded forms make the figure feminine and sensual.

Second: Sufficient physical activity like walking, running, fitness, etc. Which helps very much to lose weight naturally. Well, this is a common truth.

Third: Food should be energy-efficient and balanced. Matching energy costs, everyone understands how important. I shall explain a little what it means to be balanced. Biochemists have this expression – fats burn in the flame of carbohydrates. This means that the intake of carbohydrates is sufficient to allow the natural burning of fats.

The normal ratio of protein-fat-carbohydrates in nutrition: 1: 1: 4. This relationship must be respected. Per day, the body should receive at least 100 grams of protein, 100 g. Fats, 400 grams of carbohydrates.

Fourth: The food should be regular. It is easier to lose weight if there are often small portions. If you eat once a day, then for one meal you can exceed the entire daily rate. Well, and if there is after 19:00 hours, the calories will go completely wrong where you would like.

Fifth: it is better to eat, chewing food well, so the feeling of saturation comes quickly.

And there is also the psychological aspect. Stresses increase the appetite of many people. In this case, eating is a method of stress relief. The size of the utensils from which the person eats is also important. If the same serving is put on a large plate and a small one. Then the person can quickly eat from a small one because In a small plate the portion seems larger than in a large plate.

So, my recommendations for natural weight loss:

  • Move more. On the day a person must pass at least 10 km.
  • To adhere to the ratio of protein-fat-carbohydrates in nutrition: 1: 1: 4.
  • There are only when you really want and regularly, in the allotted time for this, at least 3 times a day and not later than 19:00 hours.
  • Eat well by chewing food.
  • Stress is best removed using exercise or having good sex. By the way, during sex, there is a particularly intense burning of fats, Consumes a lot of energy.
  • Is from the small tableware.

You can also use additional tools which are given below:

  • Tea for weight loss – effectively enhances metabolic processes in the body, fat burning occurs naturally, from natural ingredients, according to ancient Chinese recipes.
  • To accelerate the onset of satiety there is such a tool as double cellulose – natural dietary fiber. If you take it before eating and drinking, then the fiber swells and requires less food to satisfy hunger.
  • Soap, which helps to lose weight. Natural biologically active components penetrate deep fat layers of the skin, and natural fat burning occurs in problem areas.
  • A belt with a vibrating massage, with the influence of a magnetic field. The magnetic field increases blood circulation. Intensive massage also increases blood circulation in problem areas, breaks down fatty deposits, as a result, natural and safe weight loss also occurs.

If you maintain these tips perfectly I’m sure you can lose weight naturally, safely and without diet.

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